Martin Extube: dynamic linear LED made easy

Sept. 16, 2008
Date Announced: 16 Sep 2008 The Extube™ Series from Martin Professional is a modular system of IP65 rated linear LED luminaires designed for dynamic illumination of outdoor architecture and much more. With RGB+W color mixing, a choice of opaque lenses and an exceptionally easy means of installation, Extube is ideal for a variety of dynamic illumination needs including floodlighting, wall-grazing, cove lighting or creating continuous lines of decorative color, inside or out.Slim and compact yet surprisingly powerful, Extube is available in two lengths; 30 cm (1 ft, 12 LEDs) and 120 cm (4 ft, 48 LEDs). A simple all-in-one dynamic lighting solution, Extube is weatherproof rated at IP65 for the outdoor illumination of facades, structures, bridges, cruise ships and more. Made of robust extruded aluminum, the Extube’s slim aesthetics allows the luminaire to blend inconspicuously into existing architecture. It is also an ideal decorative lighting effect for clubs and lounges and will fit perfectly into TV, theatre and touring shows.Extube includes a number of key features that cannot be found in any other dynamic linear fixture on the market today. High Output, High Flexibility Optics Extube is a high output luminaire; brighter than other LED luminaires in its class. And with a lamp life rating of 20,000 hours and no movable parts, service intervals are few and far between. The Extube comes with a choice of narrow, medium and wide diffuser options, or it can be used without a diffuser for an even narrower beam. The standard spread angle is narrow for long throws and the module is tiltable for precise optical aiming. If ambient temperatures are too high, output from the LEDs is automatically decreased. This extends the lifespan of the diodes, and ensures that output is maintained at the optimum level. Color Consistency, Color Choice, True WhiteA central feature of the Extube is its ability to create even and consistent colors. Each pixel board has been measured and calibrated, guaranteeing standardized brightness and color performance. With four colored diodes (Red, Green, Blue and White) instead of the usual three, Martin is able to offer a broader and finer range of colors. The Extube’s RGB+W diodes excel at creating deep, saturated colors and the addition of the white LED gives several advantages: a true white, the ability to adjust color temperature, and the possibility to create soft pastel shades. Intuitive Color ControlThe Extube offers greater intuitive control of color, with four distinct control modes. In addition to RGB (three channel) and RGBW (four channel) color fine-tuning, HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) lets you set the effect you want by scrolling through hues, altering their saturation and changing their intensity. HSI-C adds color temperature control to the intuitive benefits of HSI. The Extube is controlled by industry standard DMX 512-A. For greater flexibility, the long version can be controlled either as 4 single pixels or as one pixel.The Extube is 0-100% dimmable for balance of brightness or the ability to respond intelligently to the availability of natural light.Simple to Install, Easy to Maintain Installation of the Extube is as easy as it gets. The simple click-together system slides onto standard DIN rail. There is no need for an external power supply or control box unit; everything is built into the Extube, reducing logistical costs and hassle. Furthermore, Extube automatically auto-addresses during set-up.The Extube is built up around modular, interconnectable units. The simple click-together system has cable-less loop-through of data and power, which limits set-up time, reduces cable mess and ensures a clean look. The luminaire is convection cooled so no fans or other moving parts are used, and the Extube comes with a switch mode power supply for worldwide compatibility. Rigorously tested and CE, ETL & CETL approved, the Extube is built for simplicity.

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