CYRON’s new lighting system visually enhances media equipment and room decor

Sept. 22, 2008
Date Announced: 22 Sep 2008 Chatsworth, CA -- A new lighting system produces hues of light spectrum to visually enhance furniture, cabinets, home theatres, and Audio/Visual (AV) systems. Media Highlighter™ uses the newly emerging Solid-state Lighting (SSL) technology to achieve what has never been possible with conventional lights. This lighting system can be used for proper illumination of theatre rooms, highlighting media equipment, accent lighting, and backlighting television screens. It can also highlight the room décor and add ambience.“The era of yellowish incandescent lights or bulky fluorescents are coming to end,” says Al Javadi, founder of CYRON, Inc. “LED is one of the most common devices of SSL, which offers distinguishing advancements over the present technologies and CYRON is committed to use this technology as the backbone of all its lighting systems.” The Media Highlighter™ systems operate on low voltage 12VDC, are extremely energy efficient, free of noise and interference, and cool to touch.“Customers are finding various applications,” says Dina Toms, National Sales Manager at CYRON, Inc. “Their small size and ability to expand allow users to highlight other components of their AV system, cabinets, and furniture.”Media Highlighter is offered in consumer and professional versions to suit nearly all applications. Both systems can emit a spectrum of light from very slim lightbars which allow installers wide rages of installation possibilities. The consumer systems, HT902 and HT1502, are plug-n-play type and can be installed in minutes. The Professional systems, HTP1502 and HTP2402, offer more light output and are available with larger lightbars. The Pro series also allows custom system installers to hard wire the system, resulting in truly custom installations. Other features include three light-transition modes, three fade modes, and a built in microphone for a stunning music light.

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