ATG Electronics eLucent™ Green Series LED Lamps——Think green, act green

Sept. 22, 2008
Date Announced: 22 Sep 2008 Think green, act green. Valuing the global environment, ATG Electronics dedicates itself to the promotion of the LED applications. ATG Electronics launches eLucent™ Green Series LED Lamps.ATG Electronics eLucent™ Green Series LED Lamps including:1) eLucent™ GX Series High Power LED Lamps: GX1017, GX1018, GX10192) eLucent™ R Series Small Power LED Lamps: R10, R16, R20, R30, R383) eLucent™ E Series LED Globe Bulbs: E40, E504) eLucent™ N Series RGB XPower LED Lamps: N16, N27eLucent™ GX Series is specially designed for Generally Lighting at homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, casinos, bars etc;eLucent™ R Series is rather suitable for Display Lighting at museums, galleries, stores, malls, shopwindows, exhibitions etc;eLucent™ E Series is the ideal solution for Decoration Lighting for parties, events, fairs, and amusement parks;eLucent™ N Series is well suited for Decoration lighting at bars, stores, casinos, restaurants, hotels and many other amusement places.Save the earth, and meanwhile save your energy bill. Just adopt ATG Electronics eLucent™ Green Series, a green and economy lighting solution for you!

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