Goldeneye Introduces PlyGaN™ Material

Nov. 11, 2008
Date Announced: 11 Nov 2008 Goldeneye has developed a freestanding GaN film that offers excellent crystal, optical, thermal, and electrical properties for use in a range of commercial and research applications. PlyGaN™ is a patent-pending customizable all-nitride material that can be applied onto a variety of substrates, used freestanding or laminated into multilayered structures.“PlyGaN™ is a unique material product with potential uses in high power electronics, solar cells, 3D MEMs devices, and many other applications,” says Scott Zimmerman, Goldeneye’s VP of Technology. “It has the potential to improve device performance in any application using nitrides”. PlyGaN™ is flexible and can be applied to flat or non-flat surfaces. Goldeneye is offering it in multiple configurations, starting with 1 cm x 1 cm squares in 30 m to 100 m thicknesses. Larger custom configurations are also available upon request.The PlyGaN™ material was developed initially for the company’s patent-pending EpiChip™ LED. Goldeneye recognized the material’s unique properties and is now making it available to companies interested in developing other applications for the material.“We’re also prepared and looking forward to working with companies in developing finished products”, says Zimmerman. “Depending on the application, Goldeneye can integrate multiple device structures in the material as well as interconnects…the list of options and potential uses are wide ranging.”Goldeneye, Inc. is an LED light source manufacturer and technology foundry focused on novel solutions to the solid-state lighting market. Its current products include high brightness RGB light sources for projection displays and bio-medical applications. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

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