AsianSignals' copper LED mounting boards accept optical solutions

Nov. 19, 2008
Date Announced: 19 Nov 2008 Introducing copper mounting boards for Cree XR, XP, and MC-E LEDs and one new board for the Luxeon Rebel. Each board accepts a single LED and an optional 22mm optical package.AsianSignals released the first copper clad boards for the Luxeon Rebel a year ago, and through testing and use, customers are pleased to report that copper is outperforming aluminum clad boards. These boards are not only made from better thermal materials, but the LEDs are bonded to the underlying heat sinks with solder, rather than glue resulting in more solid heat transfer characteristics. The entire thermal pathway is metallically bonded. On aluminum MCPCBs, the LED thermal pathway is inhibited by two adhesive barriers. Additionally, dielectric layers can't compete with a copper path for thermal efficiency.To further benefit the design, copper plated screw holes are strategically placed near the LEDs. The mounting screws facilitate heat sinking by creating an even "pressure line" right under the LED.The 3oz copper top and bottom layers are gold plated for a beautiful finish. Drilling template are also available for these boards.22mm optical lenses from and Fraen may be used on these products; however, holes will have to be hand-crafted into the plastic lens holders so they can be adapted to the boards.Copper clad boards are less expensive than exotic MCPCB boards. Why pay more for a solution that performs less?; we are "thinking outside the bulb".

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