LED Light Tech introduces 2X4 LED retrofit for fluorescent fixtures

Nov. 19, 2008
Date Announced: 19 Nov 2008 ATLANTA – LED Light Tech announces the addition of 2X4 LED fluorescent retrofit fixtures to its product line. The LED 2X4 fixtures feature LEDs that install into new commercial and industrial constructions and retrofit for existing buildings. When compared to traditional fluorescent 2X4 fixtures, 2X4 LED retrofits offer the benefits of containing no mercury, reducing environmental waste, energy savings, HVAC savings and no maintenance. “We are pleased to present our new 2X4 LED retrofit fixtures,” said Daniel Falzone chief executive officer of LED Light Tech. “Our fixtures are environmentally friendly made from fully recyclable materials and the energy and maintenance cost savings is astronomical for our customers.” LED Light Tech’s 2X4 retrofit fixtures use 63 percent less energy and raise light levels to those recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The 2X4 LED fixtures feature instant “on” and no re-strike delay as well as cold starting. They have no arc tube or filament making the fixture vibration and impact resistant. The fixtures are RoHS compliant with a lifetime more than five times that of fluorescent lasting 50,000 hours or 11+ years when compared to traditional lighting. Using a neutral white color temperature of 4500°K, the 2X4 LED fixtures generate the same or higher light levels than a standard fluorescent fixture. LED Light Tech’s LED fixtures emit an enhanced quality of light, and release no ultraviolet with very little infrared energy. This translates to reduction in HVAC to remove heat from the building and no fabric fading by elimination of UV. LED Light Tech offers solutions ideally suited for office buildings, hospitals, casinos, retail, manufacturing or anyplace currently using 2x4 fluorescent lighting systems. LED technology is rapidly breaking all of the traditional lighting rules by generating light using science rather than heat. Companies around the Globe are partaking in the phenomenon of switching from general lighting applications to LED illumination solutions. LEDs consume 85 percent less energy than incandescent and 50 percent less energy than fluorescents which aids in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. LED Light Tech’s 2X4 fixtures produce up to 95 percent less heat than current traditional lighting, which reduces the cost of air conditioning dramatically. About LED Light TechnologyLED Light Tech is a marketing and sales company with strategic relationships for manufacturing LED based fixtures. LED Light Tech works to convert roadway, streetlights, offices, warehouses and all commercial and industrial facilities to LED energy saving lighting systems. Carefully constructed, LED Light Tech’s fixtures last 50 times longer than the typical life of an incandescent bulb (1,000 hours) and 5 times that of the average compact florescent (CFL, 10,000 hours). LED Light Tech fixtures are filament free, making them unaffected by shock and vibration and have zero re-start time so following a power outage the fixtures return to full brightness immediately. For more information, visit LEDLightTech.com.

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