LEDtronics marks 25th anniversary of company's founding

Nov. 25, 2008
Date Announced: 25 Nov 2008 Company Thanks Customers and Employees for Their Contributions over Last Quarter Century LEDtronics, Inc. in September celebrated its first 25 years of solid-state lighting design since the enterprise's founding by Pervaiz and Almas Lodhie. During the anniversary event at their Torrance, California, headquarters, LEDtronics executives thanked employees and customers for making possible the company's successes to date, and for providing advanced technological opportunities for future achievements.“My wife and I began this as a cottage industry in a suburban garage in 1983, finding buyers among the local aerospace firms,” Pervaiz Lodhie, the company’s president, explained. “We've grown into a multimillion dollar manufacturer with over 300 employees, with a 63,000 sq. ft. facility in California and a second plant in Karachi, Pakistan. We’re a world-leading supplier of lamps using up-to-date light-emitting diode [LED] technology with a global network of sales representatives. Most of our customers are composed of Fortune 500 corporations.”Joining some 200 employees and executives in the formal dinner ceremonies on September 19 were company friends, partners, longtime customers, and government representatives as well as affiliated organizations. The guests included:Frank Scotto, Mayor of Torrance Michael A. Gin, Mayor of Redondo Beach Raul Luna, District Director to U.S. Congresswoman Linda Sanchez Paul Arney, Political Director to U.S. Congresswoman Jane Harman Ronnie Guyer, Field Representative to California Assemblyman Van Tran Amelia Wong, District Director, State Board of Equalization Syed Ibne Abbas, Consulate General of Pakistan in Los Angeles Ahsan Wagan, Deputy Consulate General of Pakistan in Los Angeles Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Pakistan Human Development Fund Salvador Hernandez, Assistant Director in Charge of FBI Los Angeles field office Technology Advances and Product Innovations Since its establishment, the company has been a lighting industry leader in developing and manufacturing of LED lamps, clusters and arrays. The last quarter century has seen these milestones:
  • LED bulbs using common industry-standard bases for the direct replacement of energy wasteful incandescent lamps

  • Snap-in panel mount lamps that allow easy installation in instrument indicator panels

  • Chip mounting technology that dissipates heat in tightly spaced LED chip arrays

  • Multi-chip technology for high-intensity illumination

  • Lamps capable of surviving high shock and vibration environments

  • Multicolor, UV and IR discrete LEDs, and complex multi-dimensional arrays of LEDs that can be custom-configured to any lighting or energy-emission design application
LEDtronics has brought to market their innovative, American-engineered designs for small- and large-scale applications. Some patented and patent-in-process items are LED street and security luminaires, globe and décor LED bulbs, cooler running LED flood lamps that replace parabolic-reflector lamps, LED machine-status lamps, automotive and rail transit LED lamps affecting the fields of transportation, tube-style fluorescent-replacement LED lamps, and control devices for dimming LED lights.The Company Looking Ahead Adil Gandhi, Vice President and General Manager, pointed out that the company still designs and partly manufactures its products in the United States, and stays competitive by adopting lean concepts for both manufacturing and nonmanufacturing departments, using cutting-edge technology, encouraging employee ideas, and by focusing on technology and cost-of-ownership rather than compromising product or service quality. With their strong and defined company values, numerous LEDtronics employees have over 10 years experience within the organization, with a number exceeding 20 years.LEDtronics is aware of its ecologically beneficial role in the elimination of harmful elements such as mercury and other metals that are used in more traditional lighting industries. They have focused—in accordance with the RoHS initiative (Reduction of Hazardous Substances)—on eliminating all traces of lead from its manufacturing processes and products. With LED technology capable of reducing the consumption of electricity by up to 90% as compared with conventional lighting, the industry finds itself uniquely suited to meeting the needs of solar, wind and other alternative-power sources.Mr. Lodhie was excited by the prospect of his company contributing to the Green Revolution so directly and effectively. “We can see great opportunities to conserve our natural resources and reduce energy consumption if we apply our solid-state lighting innovations to better serve home and business markets. With the support and global infrastructure of LEDtronics, we look forward to the next 25 years.”(In photo, from Left to right) LEDtronics President Pervaiz Lodhie, Vice President Almas Lodhie, and Adil Gandhi, Vice President and General Manager

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