Hongding Electronics' HD series LED lighting strips

Nov. 19, 2008
Date Announced: 19 Nov 2008 Think green, act green. Valuing the global environment, Hongding Electronics dedicates itself to the promotion of the LED applications.Hongding Electronics, Corp., established in Shenzhen 1994 and formed partnerships with companies in California, designs, produces, distributes and licenses lighting emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and illumination lighting systems. With a strong R&D team and patented technologies, Hongding Electronics enables customers' energy saving, highly efficient, long lifespan and environment friendly benefits. Hongding Electronics produces a range of technology advanced products, including LED Screens for Advertising Lighting LED Fluorescent Lights, LED Power Lamps for Illumination Lighting; LED Ribbon Strips, LED Flex Strips andLED Modules for Signage Lighting; LED Rope Lights, LED Border Lights and LED Wall Washers for Architectural Lighting.Hongding Electronics also offers a comprehensive OEM service package including consulting, individual planning design and engineering, cost analysis, delivery terms prognostics, manufacturing, and warranty. In addition, Hongding Electronics licenses its patented technologies and provides technical support on project installation and system operation to create specified lighting effects for its customers throughout the world.Benefits -Linear separable LED strip on flexible printed circuit board with self-adhesive back-Each unit of 3 LEDs can be cut out at regular segments without damaging the rest stripApplications -Edge-lighting of transparent or diffused materials-Path & contour marking-iIIuminated signsModel Color Outer Dimension LED qty Luminosity Current Vol-R Red 500*12mm 15Pcs 40-70Lm 600mA DC12V-B Blue 500*12mm 15Pcs 40-70Lm 600mA DC12V-G Green 500*12mm 15Pcs 40-70Lm 600mA DC12V-Y Yellow 500*12mm 15Pcs 40-70Lm 600mA DC12V-CW Cool White 500*12mm 15Pcs 40-70Lm 600mA DC12V-RGB 500*12mm 15Pcs 40-70Lm 600mA DC12V

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