Hodogaya promotes its transport materials for the Novaled PIN OLED(tm) structures

Nov. 19, 2008
Date Announced: 19 Nov 2008 Tokyo, Japan; Dresden, Germany. Hodogaya Chemical Co., LTD, long experienced specialist and market leader in charge transport materials, and Novaled AG, leader in power efficient and long living Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) have agreed to offer hole transport materials for Novaled PIN OLED™ structures. Hodogaya has exclusively developed specific Hole Transport Material for Novaled fitting very well with the Novaled PIN OLEDTM structures. As a first result Novaled is enhancing its material offer with an additional hole transport material called NHT18.The new NHT18 has a similar behavior in OLEDs like NPB, but provides additional advantages to OLED manufacturers. For example, the Tg of NHT18 is above 130°C and thus gives a high temperature stability in OLED devices. The current efficiency in today’s fluorescent blue emitting PIN OLEDs is 10% higher."The OLED industry is looking for energy saving. The Novaled PIN technology is a very recognized approach for power efficient OLED devices," says Dr. Toshio Obara, Managing Executive Officer, OLED Materials Division of Hodogaya. "We are very pleased to cooperate with Novaled through its high quality transport material.""Novaled strategy is to associate key material makers to its PIN offer for the benefit of our customers," says Gerd Guenther, VP Marketing & Sales of Novaled. "We are very pleased to add Hodogaya, recognized for the high performance of its transport material, to our partnerships and pushing the PIN structure as a standard in the OLED field."About OLEDsOLEDs (organic light-emitting diode) are semiconductors made of thin organic material layers of only a few nanometers thickness. They emit light in a diffuse way to form an area light source. In a fast growing display market OLEDs are key part of a revolution: the dream of paper-thin, highly efficient displays with brilliant colors and great flexibility in design is becoming reality. OLEDs represent the future of a vast array of completely new lighting applications. By combining color with shape, organic LEDs will create a new way of decorating and personalizing people’s surroundings with light. At the same time OLEDs offer the potential to become even more efficient than energy-saving bulbs.About Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd.Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd. is a world leading company specialized in fine chemicals and specialty polymers with more than 90 years history. Among the fine chemicals, the company has been the market leader of electro-photographic chemicals, such as CCA (Charge Control Agent) and OPC (Organic Photo-conductor), for 30 years. With the long experience of OPC production, Hodogaya has started to develop OLED materials, mainly transport materials, since ’91. Hodogaya has been supplying Hole Transport Materials to major OLED players all over the world, and has a very strong IP position in OLED materials. For further information please visit our website www.hodogaya.co.jp.About NovaledNovaled AG is a world leading company in the OLED field specialized in high efficiency long lifetime OLED structures and an expert in synthetic and analytical chemistry. The company offers complete solutions to the organic electronic markets, commercializing its Novaled PIN OLEDTM technology along with its proprietary OLED materials. Novaled has developed long term partnerships with major OLED players worldwide. Based on more than 400 patents granted or pending, Novaled has a strong IP position in OLED technology.Main investors are Crédit Agricole Private Equity, TechnoStart, TechFund and CDC Innovation.

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