GlacialLight provides 80% power savings to LED community project

Nov. 27, 2008
Date Announced: 27 Nov 2008Changhua County, Taiwan, - GlacialTech Inc, in co-operation with the Taurus community in Changhua county near the center of Taiwan, have incorporated GlacialLights innovative LED luminaries as part of a drive to bring down the growing costs of power consumption. The community is built with the future in mind; incorporating all the latest and greatest elements of futuristic design into one community where only the highest quality counts. Tied to that is the goal of reducing power consumption. In this particular community, the original models predicted 20,000 watt power consumption using standard lighting fixtures. After GlacialLight’s LED Spotlights and Streetlights were activated at the complex, power consumption has dropped to 4000 watt. That is a massive 80% reduction in power usage.Although LEDs cost double the price of traditional lighting, the costs for the LED luminaries will be recovered within 2 years of installation because of the extreme power savings that are in effect. In addition, the products will last considerably longer than traditional lighting sources, giving extended long term savings. Combining years of experience in designing cooling systems as well as all manner of consumer electronic device power supplies, GlacialLight, the new sub-brand of GlacialTech, will leverage the GlacialLight products to be better and higher in quality than competing products using high quality heatsinks, specialized power units and the best available LED luminaries.Wide product range under developmentGlacialTech is developing a comprehensive range of products under the GlacialLight brand, stretching from street lighting solutions to all forms of industrial lighting and architectural lighting. The products on offer and in development include serious product enhancements over the current range of competing products available on the market, such as MR16 / PAR30 / PAR38 / BR30 / BR40 / T8 Fluorescent Tubes and Spotlights as well as an innovative and unique types of Torches and Bicycle lamps designed with multi-functionality as the key ingredients. These LED products will retain the customary shape and design of standard globes to allow easy replacement of legacy products. The product line is quite extensive and includes replacements for standard light bulbs and tubes for homes and offices. Experienced electronics manufacturerTo ensure the best performance and long life time of LED luminary products requires efficient and consistent cooling of the LED, with a durable high quality power supply. As experienced manufacturer of PC cooling and power supplies GlacialLight has leveraged the resources required to create quality LED lighting products combining the exemplary cooling capabilities with durable power unit designs to create optimal solutions for the most demanding of lighting products.Advantages of LED compared to traditional lightingLED lights offer the following advantages and benefits compared to traditional globes (Filament) and compact fluorescent Lamp (CFL) products, such as directional lighting, which is ideal for torches (Flashlights) and spotlights. There are no starting problems in cold environments because LED’s are “Instant on” with no warm up time needed as seen in conventional CFL lighting. In addition, LED lighting solutions do not contain environmentally hazardous metals such as mercury or sodium and do not emit potentially harmful Ultraviolet radiation or Infrared radiation like Halogen lamps. Another benefit is the extremely long life cycle of around 50,000 hrs which lowers maintenance costs in the long term. The GlacialLight LED product range offers considerable power savings while extending long product life cycles under normal conditions. The advantages of LED lighting adding to the lowering of the world’s carbon footprint cannot be underestimated. About GlacialLight GlacialTech Inc., is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for the consumer and industrial applications. Having established strong relationships with LED semiconductor Co.’s, thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide high brightness, low power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and other customized applications under the GlacialLight brand.

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