Reports reveal PhlatLights illuminate Samsung’s 3rd generation LED-based pocket projectors

Nov. 12, 2008
Date Announced: 12 Nov 2008 Corvallis, OR — Optical Short Course International Inc’s (OSCI) reverse optical engineering analysis report on Samsung’s third generation LED-based pocket projector will be available on November 17, 2008. The Samsung SP-P400B Optical Tear-Down Report highlights significant design changes and as an industry first, Samsung has utilized Luminus Devices PhlatLight® LEDs in its illumination system; making the SP-P400B the first commercially available LED-based digital projector to do so.The Samsung SP-P400B Optical Tear-Down Report provides critical information regarding the illumination design and optical design and performance of the SP-P400B from the new sleek and modern exterior to the redesigned illumination systems that accommodates the powerful light of the Luminus Devices HB LEDs.This new optical configuration enables the light engine to deliver an industry leading 150 ANSI lumen output—the most from an LED pocket projector. For “those who need to know” this report will accelerate them up the steep learning curve of understanding of the illumination design and optical design approaches used in the innovative optical path, optical components, how they work and what it so unique about this particular LED-based digital projector. The Samsung SP-P400B Optical Tear-Down Report offers a close-up look at what’s inside this compact and powerful LED-based digital projector with over 150 high-resolution photographs, graphs and illustrations that cover the analysis of the optical system and layout, color measurements, light engine assembly, illumination and imaging systems and their throughput from LED to screen.

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