Oxley Inc. launches military shelter LED lighting

Nov. 10, 2008
Date Announced: 10 Nov 2008 Oxley Integrates LED Lighting into Military Air Beam Tents BRANFORD, Conn. -- Oxley Inc., the originator of LED lighting for tactical shelters and supplier of covert LED systems to the U.S. military and military organizations in Europe, formally announces the company's technologically-advanced Oxley family of LED lighting products.The Oxley series of LEDs represents a significant improvement in the working environment for users of various types of military hospital and communications shelters, and other containers deployed to some of the world's most rugged environments. The Oxley LEDs have recently been proven particularly effective in providing integrated lighting in tactical air beam tents used by the military who demand instant, long lasting, IR-secure and energy efficient lighting in any environment. The new Oxley LEDs are a completely new range of flat, durable, low profile, LED-based lighting and include customer-driven superior engineering features that address field issues no other LED lighting can. In documented tactical military field deployments around the world, the Oxley LED lights have quickly demonstrated advantages over traditional lighting that go far beyond being a simple alternative to energy inefficient and bulky fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures. As a result of the successes in the field, Oxley engineers are modifying the current lighting design concept for vehicle interior, shipboard lighting and other applications as requested by various U.S. and foreign military procurement officials. "These Oxley LED products are the cutting edge in military hard and soft shelter and vehicular lighting, and they are typical of the electrical ingenuity Oxley has built into all our lighting and lighting components for decades," said Oxley Inc. Chief Executive Officer Martin Sloan. "We are keeping our military shelter customers a step ahead with proven field experience that no other shelter integrated LED light manufacturer can claim." Unlike many LED lights, Oxley LEDs fit nearly flush with the ceilings of hard shelters where headroom and durability is an issue. This flat mounting also eliminates the need for anti-vibration mounting used in traditional lighting fixtures and ceilings carve-outs required by other LED products. The Oxley LED series offers additional integrated features only possible with LED lighting, including: instant switching to low level green or white light for military 'blackout' conditions; emergency lighting; and integral battery backup operation. In normal operation the advanced Oxley lighting has very low levels of 'infra-red' emissions: in the blackout mode the infra-red (IR) is virtually eliminated. Military medical users have lauded the Oxley LEDs' bright, crystal clear illumination that does not alter color or clarity during diagnostic and surgical procedures. Unlike many 'retro-fit' LED applications where the LEDs are integrated into existing lighting fixtures, the Oxley low-profile LED lighting removes bulky corners often seen in shelter lighting. The risk of head injuries is eliminated in addition to removing the risk of damage to the light when impacted by a helmet. Oxley LED lighting can be integrated into military roll-up inflatable air beam tent units and deployed in minutes on arrival without any worry about breakage of bulbs. While deploying inflatable tents, military personnel have often inadvertently stepped on the rugged Oxley LEDs without causing damage. Oxley LED lighting offers a cool-to-touch solution eliminating the problem caused by hot surface temperatures of incandescent bulbs and light fixtures. Unlike fluorescents, the Oxley lights are fully integrated into ceilings. Once a shelter is on site, lighting is as simple as flipping a switch that initiates power. The Oxley LEDs immediately turn on at full illumination, requiring no warm-up time. They have a longer shelf life -- substantially trimming replacement cost -- and they contain no mercury that can cause an environmental hazard requiring specialized disposal. Providing an IR "secure" low light for night time military operations offers night vision goggles (NVG) compatible lighting and provides the users with a light source undetectable to NVGs minimizing the possibility of detection. Oxley's white LED lighting is also a significant improvement over traditional red lighting, as equipment users have an improved color awareness, without affecting the operator's dark adaption. The impact and vibration resistant low profile 0.75" (19mm) unit delivers 1,500 lumens of cool white light (5000-7000K) in a fixture weighing just 22 oz. (0.62 Kg). Nominal power consumption is only 25 watts for the light which lasts up to 50,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance. Push-button-activated dimming mode is available to reduce the light level to 10% of full brightness, and an externally controlled 'blackout switch-mode' instantly reduces the light to 10% of the output. The rugged aluminum housing features a white MIL Spec urethane finish and polycarbonate lens. The light is supplied with 10" jacketed lead wires with female Molex connector and 24" jacketed extension cable with male Molex connector. Operating temperature can range from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +120 degrees Fahrenheit (-46 degrees Celsius to +49 degrees Celsius); storage/transit temperature range is -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +160 degrees Fahrenheit (-46 degrees Celsius to +71 degrees Celsius).

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