Spectacolour color changers adorn the Bulkeley Bridge

Nov. 11, 2008
Date Announced: 11 Nov 2008 To celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of the Bulkeley Bridge in Hartford, CT, the bridge was lit for the entire month of October 2008. Articulight provided the lights for the Bulkeley Bridge and was the proud sponsor of the fireworks at the 'BIG MO' held October 2, 2008. Forty-four SPECTACOLOUR 96 RGB (http://articulight.com/led/spectacolurrgb96/index.html) energy-efficient LED lights bathed the Bulkeley Bridge in multi-color splendor throughout the month of October 2008. Twenty two units were installed on the north side of the bridge as well as twenty two on the south side. Funding for the $175,000 lighting installation was provided by the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Riverfront Recapture, using funds from private sources. Most of that expenditure, such as the purchase of the LED light fixtures, control equipment, and brackets to hold the fixtures on the bridge, can be applied to a permanent installation of lighting on the bridge in the future. Articulight, an industry-leader in LED lighting technology, provided the fixtures, control equipment, and computerized technology that makes it possible for the lights to change colors. The nightly cost of electricity to power the lights is approximately only $4. Articulight, based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, has illuminated structures around the world, including the SANTA LUCIA RIVER WALK in Monterrey, Mexico - the largest in the world - (http://articulight.com/acc/city02/mexico/index-2.html) and the Chevy Icon in Times Square in NYC (http://articulight.com/acc/city02/timessquare/index.html). The most magnificent structure on the Connecticut River, the Bulkeley Bridge took three years to construct at a cost of $3 million in 1908. Great care was taken to create the bridge’s arches, and granite blocks were hand-selected only if the stone’s grain complimented the grain of the adjacent blocks. Most of the granite came from Stony Creek and Leete Island quarries in Branford. The Bulkeley Bridge has survived floods, ice jams and has earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge’s design and construction was overseen by Morgan G. Bulkeley, a leading Hartford citizen of the day. He served as president of Aetna Life Insurance Company, Mayor of Hartford, Governor of Connecticut, U.S. Senator and President of baseball’s National League.

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