Fa. GK Technik announces availability of new MCPCB for Carclo 20mm triple lens

Nov. 27, 2008
Date Announced: 27 Nov 2008 Fa. GK Technik announces today, that they have designed a new MPCB for the new 20mm triple lens from Carclo."It's one of our most innovative designs yet. This new MCPCB can be populated with LEDs from four different suppliers: Cree XP series, Lumileds Rebel, Nichia NFS and NJS, and Vishay VLM series, all fit to this new MCPCB." states Mr. Juergen Krueger, Co-Founder of Fa. GK Technik.The LEDs can be arranged as RGB (as delivered) or as a real triple, by just closing two solder joints. With RGB, six wires needs to be soldered, with triple, just two wires.About Fa. GK Technik:Established 2004, Fa. GK Technik has made a great progress in designing MCPCBs. The designs are all made precisely in Germany, while the production is made very accurate and cost-effective in China. All used materials are RoHS-conform and UL-listed. Production facility in China is ISO9000-certified. Fa. GK Technik produces every week thousands of MCPCBs and is your reliable partner for your designs.

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