OSCI reveals the buzz behind the BOXLIGHT® BumbleBee LED pocket projector tear-down report

Jan. 18, 2008
Date Announced: 18 Jan 2008 -- Revealing: The buzz behind the BOXLIGHT® BumbleBee LED pocket projector tear-down reportCorvallis, OR -— What’s all the BumbleBee buzz about? The exclusive reverse optical engineering analysis report now available from Optical Short Course International, Inc. (OSCI) on the BOXLIGHT’s® LED-driven DLP pocket projector—the BumbleBee. The BOXLIGHT® BumbleBee Optical Tear-Down Report provides meticulous optical measurements and color analyses data on the BumbleBee’s LED light engine assembly including the optical components driven by high brightness (HB) LEDs that are all the rage.The BOXLIGHT® BumbleBee Optical Tear-Down Report provides “must have” insight into the performance and design trade-offs of the BumbleBee. By the time one finishes reading the BOXLIGHT® BumbleBee Optical Tear-Down Report they will have a complete understanding of the optical path, optical components, how they work, and what is unique about this LED-driven DLP pocket projector. Knowing that the HB LED pocket projector market is fierce, OSCI continually offers optical assembly tear-down reports and separate optical prescriptions using popular optical design software—Zemax®, LightTools®, and FRED®. This tear-down report is especially for those in the supply chain, engineering, R&D, product design and manufacturing, field service, and others. Any company in the highly competitive LED-based pocket projector race can immediately benefit from the knowledge they will gain from this report and use it to increase their marketing standing. For additional information on the BOXLIGHT® BumbleBee Optical Tear-Down Report, other LED-based projector optical tear-down reports, eBooks, custom in-house courses, or LED light engine assembly design and analysis; visit us at www.oscintl.com or call 541-255-2165.About OSCI Inc.Our goal at OSCI is to continually exceed optical engineering training and consulting expectations worldwide.OSCI Inc. is an industry leader in illumination design and analyses, prototypes, reverse optical engineering, and customized in-house training courses. Start-up companies, medium and large companies including Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies have benefited from partnering with us.With over 20 years of experience, we understand the challenges companies face in gaining and maintaining a foothold in the booming LED-based and illumination industries. We work closely with our partners to ensure the best strategies and innovations are used in developing cutting edge technology to implement their optical engineering dreams so they can compete in the world market.Our areas of brilliance include:• High Brightness (HB) LED Optical System Design, Analysis, and Testing• Illumination Design, Analysis, and Testing Services• Optical Instrument Development, Analysis, and Testing• Reverse Engineering—Optical Assembly Tear-downs• Customized In-house Optical Training CoursesFor more information visit www.oscintl.com; email: [email protected], or call 541-207-8101.

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