LEDtronics 3-Watt LED PR-Style flashlight bulb delivers up to 1200 foot-candles

Jan. 31, 2008
Date Announced: 31 Jan 2008 TORRANCE, CA —— LEDtronics® announces its 3-Watt LED PR-Style Flashlight Bulb with a T3¼ (9mm) Flange Base that fits almost any two- or three-cell flashlight. With up to 1200 foot-candles of light the new 3-Watt LED PR bulb provides common flashlights with a bright, solid-state, durable, and weather-resistant lamp. No gases to heat, filaments to break, or glass globes to shatter! These lamps integrate one 3-Watt LED into a standard T3¼ (9mm) flange base. With LEDtronics 3-Watt LED flashlight bulb, you always have a pure-color light even as battery power dwindles. Due to LEDs’ low power draw, batteries last much longer – up to 92 continuous hours! That is 15-20 times more than when used to power incandescent bulbs. The 3-Watt LED flashlight bulb is available in the sunlight-visible Cool White (8000K) color temperature. LEDtronics’ 3-Watt LED flashlight bulb can be used as a replacement in many devices that use a PR-style bulbs such as two- or three-cell flashlights, torch lights, tap lights and more. With two bulb voltages to choose from, Part F321-3W-0CW-001 (supports voltages from 0.85V to 4.5V DC) and Part F321-3W-0CW-002 (supports voltages from 3.6V to 9V DC), we are sure to have a solution for your power-demanding PR bulb equipment. Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes. White LEDs have an average lifespan of up to 50,000-plus hours (5.7 years). LED lamps operate 15-20 times longer than an incandescent lamp on a set of batteries! LED lamps are environmentally friendly because they use 80% to 90% less operating power than standard incandescent bulbs. Imagine the monetary savings and lightened ecological impact from needing less replacement lamps and fewer batteries to throw out!Founded in 1983, LEDtronics® leads where others only follow when it comes to designing, manufacturing and packaging state-of-the-art LEDs to meet the world’s constantly changing lighting needs. Our inventive product line encompasses an array of direct incandescent lamp replacement Based LED Bulbs, low-cost snap-in and relampable Panel Mount LED lamps, high-intensity sunlight-visible Discrete LEDs, PCB LED circuit board status indicators, surface mount diode SMT LEDs, full-spectrum rainbow RGB LEDs and infrared (IR) LEDs.Prices for PR-Style 9mm 3Watts LED Flashlight Lamp Bulbs are $20.50 each. Discount pricing is available for large orders. Other LED colors are available for large orders.

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