FluxData, Inc. compact spectroradiometers provide modularity, flexibility and high reliability

Jan. 25, 2008
Date Announced: 25 Jan 2008 Rochester, NY – January 21, 2008FluxData, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the FD-1840 series of modular high-performance NIST-Traceable spectroradiometers. The system includes a small hand-held ergonomic spotting scope, VIS/NIR corrected lens, high-throughput spectrometer and software. The FD-1840 has no moving parts, thus increasing reliability and robustness, making it the perfect device for a wide range of applications in the laboratory and on the factory floor.The FluxData FD-1840 feature set is ideal for laboratory, industrial and manufacturing users. The compact spotting scope allows measurements to be taken in confined and previously inaccessible locations such as those found in the production of Flat Panel/LCD/Plasma Displays, LEDs, OLEDs, and traditional light sources. The FD-1840 also allows VIS/NIR quantitative analysis to be performed in diverse fields such as forensics, art conservation, agriculture and mineralogy. The FD-1840’s size and flexibility means it can improve existing processes, or be designed into future applications.The FD-1840 combines modularity, accuracy and ruggedness in a package designed specifically for radiometric use. The FD-1840 measures Spectral Radiance, Luminance, Spectral Irradiance, Illuminance, Radiant Intensity, CCT, L*a*b*, L*u*v* and XYZ.The FD-1840 series contains two models based on different spectrometers. Both are complete plug-and-play systems, and include the same versatile spotting scope and software. The FD-1840+ is an economical version well-suited for many typical applications covering 380-1000nm and contains the Ocean Optics’ USB2000+. The FD-1840QE incorporates the Ocean Optics’ QE65000 with increased sensitivity and a wavelength range of 385-765nm, appropriate for the most demanding applications, such as extreme low light conditions or for measuring the darkest blacks of modern displays. Custom configurations are also possible by integrating the full range of Ocean Optics spectrometers.Pano Spiliotis, CEO of FluxData, Inc., states “The FD-1840 spectroradiometer provides the versatility that the measurement market is demanding. We have chosen Ocean Optics as a technology provider for their proven status in the market with over 100,000 spectrometers sold. FluxData’s innovative versatile spotting scope will now allow traditional spectrometer customers to achieve radiometric and color measurement functionality.”FluxData provides high performance spectroradiometers at various price/performance points. Complete integrated systems with software are available starting under $10,000.About FluxData, Inc.FluxData develops and manufactures color analytical instrumentation for a wide range of industrial applications. Product offerings are based on a core set of technologies that have been developed as a modular set of building blocks which can easily be configured to meet specific customer application requirements. FluxData provides accurate, flexible and scalable color instrumentation for research and development, production and process control. Every product comes with FluxData’s commitment to first-rate customer support. For more information, please visit www.fluxdata.com.

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