Bright Green Edge™ LED backlighting system installed across New York subway

Jan. 25, 2008
Date Announced: 25 Jan 2008 -- CBS Outdoor installs Bright Green Edge™ across New York SubwayBright Green Technology’s Sustainable Backlighting™ system – Bright Green Edge™ - has been chosen by CBS Outdoor, to backlight advertising panels in the New York Subway. MTA New York City Transit and CBS Outdoor are both committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the city and this new system reduces energy consumption by as much as 88% compared to fluorescent tube lightboxes. In addition, illumination quality is improved and the system requires no maintenance for at least 5 years.Andy Clark, CEO of Bright Green Technology explained: “We’re passionate about the need for advances in energy efficiency - our system has been designed to dramatically reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of backlit advertising and signage, whilst driving down the total cost of ownership and improving the quality of illumination. Just as importantly, the use of Sustainable Backlighting™ also eliminates the hazardous waste issues associated with fluorescent tubes.”Bright Green Technology LimitedBright Green Technology specializes in solid-state illumination systems that dramatically improve the performance of backlit advertising and signage.Our Sustainable Backlighting™ LED technology drives down the cost, carbon footprint and maintenance burden associated with fluorescent tubes.The result: better backlighting with a tiny carbon footprint at lower cost.Bright Green Technology Limited Trademarks include: Bright Green Edge™; Bright Green Matrix™; Sustainable Backlighting™.

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