Edison Opto launches EdiLine II series - 150 lm for 3W, 250 lm for 5W white linear single-package LED

Aug. 11, 2008
Date Announced: 11 Aug 2008 Edison Opto, a Taiwan based high power LED packaging manufacture, has introduced its latest product, EdiLine II series. The device is measured at 35.8mm x 10.0mm x 1.4mm, with luminous flux of 250 lumens for cool white LED (CCT:5,000~10,000K), and 180 lumens for neutral white LED (CCT:3,800~5,000K), and 170 lumens for warm white LED (CCT:2,670~3,800K) at a drive current of 500mA. Another, at a drive current of 350mA, with luminous flux of 150 lumens for cool white LED (CCT:5,000~10,000K), and 110 lumens for neutral white LED (CCT:3,800~5,000K), and 100 lumens for warm white LED (CCT:2,670~3,800K).The circuit design is a 5 parallel - 3 series connection for 5W, a 10 parallel - 3 series connection for 3W, and the operating voltage is maximum of 12V. The thermal resistance of EdiLine II is 6 °C/Watt; with applicable heat dissipation, the lifespan is expected to exceed 15,000 hours(Tj=105℃). EdiLine II series are available in cool white, neutral white, warm white, blue, green, red color, and high CRI(color rendering index) series.Features Linear Packaging Design High Efficiency Low Power Consumption Long Operating Lifespan Easy installation with screws High CRI: up to 90EdiLine II series incorporate the latest and the most advanced packaging materials and technologies from Edison Opto. The linear structure design results in an easier heat dissipation requirement, making versatile fixtures design possible as well as an overall cost saving benefit.The particular twin connectors design allows EdiLine II to be assembled in either serial order as linear light source or parallel order as superficial light source. Users can also manipulate the position of EdiLine II to effortlessly construct a serial or parallel connection circuit as desired.Thanks to the versatility of EdiLine II, both linear and superficial light source are easily attainable. Combined with the high efficacy, EdiLine II is the ideal substitute for various lighting applications, such as fluorescent lamp, table lamp, desk light, commercial, and indirect illumination or decorative lighting application.

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