Flexible Video LED stripe F15

Aug. 15, 2008
Date Announced: 15 Aug 2008 ComLED's flexible video LED stripe F15ComLED's new flexible solution for video controlled light lines is available to international customers now.FLEX LED Video Stripe F15 is a perfect tool for dynamic light lines, cove lighting and more. With a pixel pitch of 25mm, using 3-in-1 SMD type LEDs from selected manufacturers, it provides excellent lightoutput and helps to create video animated light lines, even in curves and circles.The FLEX LED Video System is controlled by DVI, which provides easy access and doesn't require expensive media server solutions. Users can simply play their own contents by using the Flex LED system as a second monitor of their PC or notebook.The excellent performance of the FLEX LED Video System and the innovative lighting situations which can be created with this product, found great interest in the german market and we are glad to announce that also our international customers will have full access to this product now! Please send us an email with your personal and company information to check our online information.

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