American Bright Optoelectronics introduces 10W and 5W LED panels

Aug. 18, 2008
Date Announced: 18 Aug 2008 American Bright’s new panels can be customized to meet application-specific requirements of various sizes and power ratings, further expanding design freedom for designers of SSL luminaries.American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. announced today the introduction of a family of light engine panels featuring its new direct die attachment (DDA) technology and integrated thermal management architecture that increases service life, luminous output and overall luminary efficiency. The new family of products is available with a power rating of 10 watts or 5 watts (with a typical flux ratings of 800 lumens and 300 lumens, respectively) and can be selected in a broad range of industry standard color temperatures ranging form neutral white (4500K) to cool white (7000K). The light engines are ideally suited for luminaries designed to meet the growing demand for energy efficient, long life general illumination products that exceed the light quality and consistency of competing high power LED technologies such as standard encapsulated LEDs.The DDA technology allows for the placement of the LED die directly into cavities that are contained within the thermal interface. The die are glued down within the cavities, wire bonded, phosphor-treated and then encapsulated, all within the panel. DDA is significantly more efficient from a manufacturing standpoint, both for American Bright and for the end user, and reduces materials required to manufacture a high power LED system, thereby significantly shortening the manufacturing cycle time. The completed panels also do not require end-user soldering to a secondary metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) or other PCB material prior to integration because the LEDs already form a completed light engine. Completely integrated panels can be secured to additional thermal interfaces, normally comprised of the final fixture, and connected to the driver system for final assembly. DDA technology has many additional benefits over standard high power packaged LEDs that are commonly used to create solid-state lighting solutions. Packaged LEDs suffer from significant light loss due to internal reflection that DDA modules do not have. Packaged LEDs also are not as thermally efficient since they do not have a direct interface with the heat-spreading materials, this thermal inefficiency equates to larger external heatsinks and a greater expenditure of design and manufacturing time dedicated to thermal management. Packaged LEDs also display very distinct point source characteristics that require diffusion and advanced optics to overcome, both of which decrease efficiency while adding cost. The DDA modules provide a more uniform light source that creates a “solid block of light” rather than a matrix of hot spots. This uniformity significantly reduces glare, multi-angled shadowing, and the most common SSL-related complaint, the “un-naturalness” of the emitted light.The Y-bin 10-watt module has a forward voltage of 36VDC at 320mA and will typically produce 800 lumens, creating a luminous efficiency of 80 lumens per watt (lm/W). The higher Z-bin will produce an impressive 1100 lumens, creating a luminous efficiency of over 110lm/W. The total viewing angle of the emitted light is a wide 120 degrees, which creates an even dispersal of the total emission allowing for the use of lower cost reflector technologies to direct the light to the area to be illuminated. The modules boast a maximum operating temperature ranging from -20C to +60C providing a wide margin for most commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications. “Many solid-state lighting industry onlookers believe that direct die attachment is one of the keys to LED technology’s being able to supplant other traditional legacy lighting technologies,” commented George Lee, President of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. “We have significantly lowered many of the barriers associated entry into the general market with the introduction of our direct die attachment LED panels,” he added. Complete specifications are available, along with design- and application-related assistance from American Bright’s team of engineers. For further information, please contact American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. toll free at 1-888-533-0800, or visit American Bright online at American Bright OptoelectronicsAmerican Bright Optoelectronics is a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Bright LED Electronics Corporation, a recognized leader in the research, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of LED components to major markets worldwide. Formed as the marketing organization for the Americas and Canada in 1995, American Bright has enjoyed sustained growth while introducing several innovations to a wide variety of markets. Conscious of their global responsibility to the environment, American Bright produces the majority of its products with lead-free, RoHS compliant materials and processes. Bright LED Electronics Corp. is ISO9001:2000; ISO 14000: 2004 and TS16949 certified.

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