Frontier EMSI launches LED kit campaign toward advertising agencies

Aug. 25, 2008
Date Announced: 25 Aug 2008 Frontier electronics manufacturing services inc, has launched version #2 of its LED kit product line aimed at the advertising industry. The product consists of 8 to 16 LED's independently mounted to paired wires and plugged into the products LED controller card to allow various control functions of the LED sets of 8.The flexibility of the kits allows an advertiser to create a product display out of any material and run the LED's to the chosen points on the display/advertisement. The power can be plug in or operate from a 9-volt battery. The 9-volt battery will operate up to 8-LED's, 3mm or 5mm for a minimum of 8 hours. The power adapter will allow the LED's to operate around th clock. Once the promotion is over, the LED kit can be used again for another promotional item.Frontier is capable of assembling the entire project for turnkey operation at the retail level for any marketing company. 8-LED kits start at $20.00 base price, and 16-LED kits start at $30.00 base price. Final costs on customized solution are based on the size and scope of each individual project. No project is too small and large projects are always welcome.Frontier is engaged in custom PCB, harness assemblies and full product assemblies. Frontier also offers LABOR only services at very reasonable charges, No need to build in Mexico, ASIA or the Caribbean, when you can build here in the USA.The Frontier website is in process of being redesigned to display our products and should be completed in September.

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