ERG intros LED driver boards & LED rails with superior thermal management

Aug. 31, 2008
Date Announced: 31 Aug 2008 NEW SMART FORCE™ SOLUTIONS OFFER BRIGHTNESS STABILITY OVER WIDE INPUT RANGE WTH SUPERIOR THERMAL MANAGEMENT FOR LED-BACKLIT LCDsEndicott, NY, August 30, 2007 – Endicott Research Group (ERG), specialist in power solutions for LCD backlights since 1979, has released two new Smart Force™ LED driver boards as standard products for a wide range of industrial LCDs. Both provide full function LED drivers in a compact size, with wide range dimming, wide input voltage, and full brightness and enable control. ERG also offers Smart Force™ LED Rails for use with the driver boards that utilize a proprietary new design to provide thermal management superior to any other technology on the market.The SFDL Series driver board provides high efficiency power (max. current 180 mA) to LED rails used in LCDs up to 12.1” diagonal, with wide range dimming, wide input voltage and full brightness and enable control. It measures only 1.10” x 3.93” (27.9 x 99.8 mm), and is less than 8 mm high. It provides an onboard PWM dimming ratio of 1000:1 and external PWM dimming to 5000:1.The SFDC Series driver board is a full-function LED driver (max. current 1000 mA) for high-power HBLED backlight rails used in LCDs up to 20.1” diagonal. It provides an onboard PWM dimming ratio of 1000:1 and external PWM dimming to a ratio of 20,000:1. It measures 1.10” x 5.61” (27.9 x 142.5 mm), and is less than 12 mm high.Both drivers can be used with OEM panels’ existing LED backlights or with ERG’s Smart Force™ LED Rails. The proprietary thermal management technology utilized inside the rails addresses the major challenge for LED BLUs: keeping the LEDs cool. It is a technologically more efficient way to conduct heat from the LEDs that keeps the junction temperature at or below the recommended operating temperature, which is critical to preventing overheating and ensuring cool, high-brightness, long-life operation of the LED BLU.ERG offers Smart Force™ LED rails as a drop-in replacement for CCFL rails for a number of OEM LCDs. “This provides the often simpler and less costly option of replacing the lamps and power source in an existing LCD rather than re-designing the whole system,” said Tom Novitsky, ERG’s Vice President of Engineering. “It’s fast and easy to do.”ERG’s new Smart Force™ LED Solutions are available as standalone driver boards or as kits that include the driver board and LED rails. They provide a cost-efficient, plug-and-play solution for the user who is transitioning from CCFL to LED backlighting.Pricing for ERG’s new Smart Force™ LED Driver boards varies according to LCD size. Pricing for an SFDL Series driver board designed to backlight an NEC NL 10276BC13-01C 6.5” TFT LCD, e.g., is less than $20 in production quantities. Delivery is typically 4 weeks A.R.O.

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