Zierick Manufacturing Announces New Economical Way to Terminate Wires to SMT Boards

Aug. 1, 2008
Date Announced: 01 Aug 2008 Featuring many unique advantages including reduced production costs, improved reliability, and faster processing speeds, a new Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal and the tools that quickly and easily terminate a wire to Surface Mount printed circuit boards have been announced by Zierick Manufacturing Corp., Mount Kisco, NY.This new method of termination combines the advantages of crimping, insulation piercing, and Surface Mount Technology into a highly reliable and economical way to terminate wires. The system consists of a surface mount terminal and a Mini Press which makes the termination.The new Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal joins Zierick’s patented, industry-leading line of low profile, geographically stable SMT Wire Connectors, www.zierick.com/leds, including IDCs and Wire Grippers. The IDCs are designed for service in demanding applications -- shock, vibration, and elevated temperatures -- and offer a more cost-effective way of terminating a large range of wire gauges because they eliminate the need for hand soldering wires to the PCB. The Zierick Surface Mount Wire Grippers mate (top entry) with wires from 12 to 14 AWG in a small footprint. Features include high current rating, low insertion force, and a high pressure contact area for reliable gas-tight connection.While the new Zierick Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal and the termination tools can be used whenever a wire needs to be permanently connected to an SMT board, their most popular utilization is for instances where the wire passes through the terminal and numerous serial connections are made to one single wire. A good example of that kind of application is channel block lettering, where a series of LEDs is attached to a pair of wires.Compared to conventional methods, this new system is more cost effective than soldering wires to a board by hand, and many other methods currently in use. In comparison, it also takes up very little area on the printed circuit board.The utilization of well-proven Zierick crimping and insulation piercing technology guarantees the long- term reliability of this connection.The terminal has a flat base and two sidewalls perpendicular to the base. Two insulation-piercing contact spikes protrude from the flat base. Between the contact spikes, there is a flat area to facilitate vacuum pick-up and terminal placement. There are two deep score lines near the transition area between the sidewall and the base of the terminal.The new Zierick process begins with the terminal being placed on the SMT board together with the other required components. After the assembly goes through reflow, it is moved to the terminating machine which crimps the terminal walls over the wire. In the process, the insulation piercing spikes penetrate into the wire without the necessity of removing the insulation. The spikes make contact with the wire strands. The crimp not only facilitates the contact, but also provides excellent strain relief for the wire. The two score lines on the terminal wall ensure that no deformation is introduced near the edge of the solder fillets, thereby preventing cracking and peeling of the solder joint.

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