Integrated System Technologies launches LED downlights for replacing CFL fixtures

Aug. 27, 2008
Date Announced: 27 Aug 2008 Integrated System Technologies Ltd, a UK designer / manufacturer of LED systems and the industry leading iDrive range of LED drivers, has launched the first high-powered LED downlighter range that is capable of replacing CFL fixtures. The patented DL-0x0 LED downlighters are available in cool 5500K CCT and neutral 4100K CCT colour temperature options. This range of fixtures offers outstanding performance and a direct alternative to a twin 26 watt compact fluorescent downlighter.The light engine lamp lumens for the DL-090 was independently measured at 1060 lumens and the DL-080 at 963 lumens. These figures have been calculated after the light engine had been running for 1 hour and measured in an integrating sphere. The LOR (Light Output Ratio) for the system is 0.89 which far exceeds any traditional lighting product on the market. The power consumed by each downlighter is around 20 circuit watts which means the DL-080 downlighter exceeds 40 lumens per watt system efficiency and the DL-090 exceeds 45 lumens per watt system efficiency and is suitable for Part L applications. For the highest output options, the average Lux levels for the DL-080 are 2170 at 1m, 545 at 2m and 242 at 3m. The highest option DL-090 is providing 2270 x at 1m, 567 x at 2m and 252 x at 3m. There are three cover options which include the standard diffuser, drop and an option without diffuser. In addition, gold and chrome bezel finishes can be ordered instead of the standard white finish.The DL-0x0 range has been developed to offer a true alterative to a twin 26 watt CFL downlighter. As a starting point, IST purchased and tested independently a twin 26 watt CFL downlighter at the Photonics Cluster (UK). It was found that the CFL consumed around 68 watts of input power. The lamp lumens were rated at 3600 which mean this product could be sold as a Part L compliant fixture however when tested in an integrating sphere, it only emitted 1750 lumens. This meant the true LOR was 0.49. In addition, IST found that the LUX levels were 2000 at 1m, 500 and 2m and 200 at 3m. These figures were used to produce an LED downlighter equivalent.Reliability is guaranteed as IST are offering a 5 year warranty making the new DL-0x0 range extremely attractive to high-end developers, high profile public buildings and exclusive hotels. For applications where lighting is used for approximately 12 hours per day, the return on investment is estimated at 2-2.75 years. For applications with 24 hours operation, the return on investment is estimated at 1-2 years. The variables are dependant upon the volume of downlighters per application.

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