Philips introduces Xitanium control interface for dynamic lighting effects

Aug. 11, 2008
Date Announced: 11 Aug 2008 Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Royal Philips Electronics announced the introduction of the Xitanium control interface, a convenient and cost-effective solution for dynamic lighting effects, which help bring indoor spaces to life. Designed for the European market, optimized for operation with Philips LED Power drivers and LUXEON® LEDs, the interface leverages the tremendous potential of solid-state lighting, enabling an unprecedented variety of dynamic effects using DALI or DMX.Flexibility in lightingThe Xitanium control interface gives end-users complete freedom and flexibility to tailor their chosen LED lighting solution to their needs. In shops, for example, it can be used to change the lighting in color, intensity, tones of white, etc., for instance to create themed areas or to adapt the lighting to a specific seasonal event such as a summer sale. An infinite number of scenes can be created. In this way, the lighting becomes an integral part of the interior design and makes spaces more flexible, effective and meaningful, strengthening sales promotions and reinforcing brand identity.Very easy to useThe compact Xitanium control interface offers maximum user convenience, with no need for complicated programming. It can be used in preprogrammed stand-alone mode (no external controller required) or it can be programmed with a DMX controller (no PC required). The speed and mode can be selected directly on the housing thanks to rotary switches. 3 led channels can be controlled individually. Current of 350mA or 700mA can be adjusted in a simple way thanks to dip switches for each channel, and between 3 to 60 LEDs can be connected. There is an extra safety option to connect an NTC for temperature feedback, which allows for automatic dimming in case of overheating.High efficiencyWith a lifetime of 50,000 hours and no need for maintenance, the Xitanium control interface represents a durable, highly cost-effective solution. A DALI LED system also offers the possibility of dimming, thus reducing energy consumption and cost.

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