Leyard and Macroblock MBI5030 contribute to 2008 Olympics displays project

March 13, 2008
Date Announced: 13 Mar 2008 Hsinchu, Taiwan —- High resolution, good video quality LED panels are especially significant in order to deliver live 2008 Olympics games. Beijing Leyard has integrated its color correction technology with Macroblock’s 16-bit PWM LED Driver-MBI5030 to achieve higher display performance and enhance color resolution of LED panels. Leyard’s successful integration contributes to the winning of the 2008 Olympics project. Leyard has been contracted to install 5 LED panels at the Olympic Cultural Squares in Beijing, and the size of each panel is around 100 square meters. The installation was completed in January, 2008.Reliability and video quality are all critical requirements for LED panels of the 2008 Olympic Games. “Audiences are pursuing higher video quality of LED panels, and LED brightness adjustment cannot satisfy them now, especially when watching live broadcast events, as in the 2008 Olympics games. Dot correction of LED panels becomes important in order to enrich the color of the images,” says Lou Tao, the president of Beijing Leyard. Lou Tao further explains, “Macroblock’s S-PWM embedded LED driver-MBI5030 supports 16-bit grayscale control for better image processing, which helps us easily implement the dot correction technique on the LED panels for better color performance. In addition, MBI5030 enhances high refresh rate to reduce the flickers on the LED panels so that CCD cameras and SNG vehicles may catch the full video images in real time. "For the coming 2008 Olympic Games, everyone in China is working really hard on the quality and brand image. Leyard is no exception. We need to prove to global audiences that Leyard’s LED panels stand for quality, and Macroblock has been an important partner for us when pursuing the quality of LED panels. For the 2008 Olympics project, Macroblock’s reliable LED drivers, fast delivery time, and professional technical support have helped Leyard successfully complete the installation just in time to celebrate the 2008 Olympic Games.”About MBI5030The MBI5030 is the first 16-bit PWM embedded LED driver with patented S-PWM technology, which is specifically designed for LED video wall applications. With the patented S-PWM technology, the MBI5030 provides 16-bit grayscale control (65,536 color depths) for better image processing and increases the visual refresh rate that can be reached over 1920 Hz with only 2 MHz gray scale clock when original frame rate is 30 Hz, for example.


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