ROAL debuts SignLINQ LED power management system at ISA

March 27, 2008
Date Announced: 27 Mar 2008 Stroudsburg, PA –- ROAL Electronics debuts the SignLINQ Power Management System for LED lighting at the ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando. SignLINQ is a series of power conversion elements that convert AC Mains into scalable and safe Class 2 DC power circuits for use in electric signs, complementing and enhancing the value of LEDs for electric signage. Through SignLINQ’s core technology (MultiLINQ), the power supply can be conveniently located remotely from the sign itself. The system combines a large central power feed and sophisticated control circuitry enclosed in an IP67 / NEMA enclosure and the MultiLINQ DC power splitter, creating a reliable means of supplying the necessary class 2 power circuits to the LEDs. A large sign may be fed with a single or multiple DC power cables from the remote power source and still complies with the safety criteria for UL48. The weatherproof DC power splitter module is a better solution for within the sign because it provides the benefits of Class 2 circuits without the added heat, weight and maintenance requirements of standard class 2 power supplies. About ROAL Electronics ROAL Electronics is an innovations company with a solid IP and product portfolio in digitally controlled power electronics. It develops and manufactures high quality switch mode power supplies (SMPS), Solid State Lighting (LED) power sources, distribution equipment and control modules, HB LED Modules, as well as motor controls and user interface panels for appliances. ROAL is realizing increased product performance and features through the union of the microprocessor with power electronics circuits, and delivering these benefits to the marketplace as a leader in Digital Power Control.

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