VAOPTO introduces new HB metal-based chip LEDs (VAOPTO II-Chip LEDs)

March 10, 2008
Date Announced: 10 Mar 2008 Virginia, USA ---- Virginia Optoelectronics, Inc. has introduced HB Metal-based Chip LEDs, a new series, in high-brightness red, amber, yellow, green, blue, white, dual-color, and tri-color chip LEDs. The advantages of HB Metal-based Chip LEDs include better heat dissipation, higher light output efficiency, more reliable optoelectronics, and higher drive capability.New packaging advancements improve the traditional PCB (printed circuit board) by the metal board as component frame. Due to the higher thermal conductivity of metal, the heat aging attenuation problem is effectively solved. Under the current industrial standard pattern of operation 5~8mA, the emitting efficiency of this metal-based chip LED has improved more than 20%. Furthermore, this metal-based chip LED can be driven at 40mA to reach the overall light output improvement. The HB Metal-based Chip LEDs have 17 terms patented or patent pending.HB Metal-based Chip LEDs can be applied in the present fields to replace current chip LEDs as well as the enlarged new fields in both industrial application and consumer application such as auto light, instruments and apparatuses lighting, machine vision lighting, and son on.ABOUT Virginia Optoelectronics, Inc.Factory: -- Mainland China's largest LED optoelectronic components manufacturing facility since 1969-- 10 million components manufactured daily -- ISO14001/ISO9001 certified-- TS16949 certified-- RoHS compliant-- White LED licensedProducts: -- LEDs-- LED components-- LED application systems-- Camera modulesWe are looking for OEM/ODM orders, representative, and distributors.

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