Traxon Light-Drive – the new dimension in LED lighting control!

March 14, 2008
Date Announced: 14 Mar 2008 Traxon Technologies introduce the new Light Drive ‘plug ‘n’ play’ controller for RGB LED fixtures in both professional and domestic markets. The compact standalone DMX-based device is an uncomplicated means of controlling lighting in connected fixtures in two or more lighting zones, allowing the user to adjust the colour and brightness of LED fixtures by simply turning the Light Drive wheel.The Light Drive incorporates six memory settings which allow preferences to be saved and recalled at the touch of a button or by remote control. Two sequence modes enable a continuous replay of all saved settings as well as a preset Colour phase function with an extensively adjustable replay speed. Sequence mode starts a chase over all memory slots within the selected zone; by pushing the Wash button, preset scenarios fade softly from one colour to the next. The Light Drive system can also be changed into dimmable white mode at the touch of a button.The Light Drive has been designed to be user friendly; the main Jog Wheel activates or deactivates the unit and turning it increases or decreases colour intensity. The unit itself is also equipped with eight RGB LEDs that change accordingly with the colour selected for the zone. Each button incorporates white LED backlighting for ease of use in dark surroundings. The Light Drive offers access to a total of three different zones including multiple zone selection. Also incorporated in the unit is the special X-Zone button which can recall pre-programmed sequences in other Traxon products such as the Tile 64 Panels and 16 PXL Modules.Powered by an external PSU running at 24 VDC, the Light Drive unit is designed to provide a simple means of lighting control for all users and puts the world of colour at your fingertips. Try out your own preference lighting scene here at WWW.LIGHT-DRIVE.COM!

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