Avago introduces 0.5W PLCC-4 LEDs for decorative and mood lighting

March 5, 2008
Date Announced: 05 Mar 2008 -- Sole 0.5W PLCC-4 Supplier to Offer Full Color RangeAvago Technologies´ new range of half-Watt PLCC-4 LEDs offers the ideal solution for decorative and mood lighting applications and is available in the full color range. The improved package is based on the industry standard PLCC-4 platform (3.2x2.8x1.9mm) and enables a higher drive current of 150mA.Higher drive current is possible due to the enhanced heat dissipation capability which also allows you to operate the LED at up to +110°C ambient temperature. The package is highly reliable and has a long lifetime due to enhanced silicone resin material and the very low thermal resistance of only 60K/W (junction-to-pin). The high light output at a wide viewing angle (120 degree) provides a good light mixing even at a short distance from the package. All this makes it an ideal light source for decorative and general illumination applications, channel or counter lighting as well as advertisement panel backlighting. The small size of the PLCC-4 platform package enables higher packaging density over a given area compared to other half-Watt solutions available on the market. This, for example, helps to significantly increase the resolution of a screen in a signage application. The 0.5W PLCC-4 family is fully AEC-Q101 qualified and can be used for interior automotive lighting applications such as dome, map & reading lamps and for white and exterior signaling applications, such as tail lights or side repeater with AlInGaP colors. Other possible applications are display backlighting, small battery powered reading lamps or flashlights.The 0.5W PLCC-4 is available in the following colors: AlInGaP colors (amber, red-orange and red), InGaN colors (blue and green) and white colors (warm white, cold white). On the white colors, Avago introduced a new, tighter color binning to cater to the demands of lighting customers. The 0.5W PLCC-4 is compatible with industry standard manufacturing processes as it can be IR reflow soldered and the moisture sensitivity level is 2a (4 weeks of floor life) in accordance to JEDEC.

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