TriStar Hi Med and Lo Bay LED Lighting

March 21, 2008
Date Announced: 21 Mar 2008 Tristar Savings Group located in Elmira NY has released a totally new LED lighting solution designed for the Hi, Med and Lo Bay warehouse and retail environments. "The interest in this product has been astounding and it appears to be the right product at the right time for the market" stated Robert Madden, President of Tristar. "We are ramping up trying to keep up with the industry demand for the lighting". Life expectancy of the units is 20+ years with no ballasts, tubes or maintenance required. Power consumption is dramatically less than fluorescent lighting and 100% ROI is expected in 24 months or less. Further information can be obtained from or by emailing TriStar directly at [email protected]

Robert Madden TriStar Savings Group [email protected] (607)733-9933

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