Wash buildings with intensity: Ilumipanel 180 IP and 90 IP

Feb. 17, 2011
Date Announced: 17 Feb 2011 SUNRISE, Fla. – ILUMINARC®, a U.S.-based lighting manufacturer with distributors worldwide and a leader in LED illumination, announced today the addition of two new wash lights to their line of architectural solutions: Ilumipanel 180 IP and Ilumipanel 90 IP.Both interior/exterior wash light solutions feature full spectrum RGBWA (red, green, blue, white and amber) color mixing and integrated wireless DMX512 receivers. Both feature an ingress protection rating of IP67, a humidity-controlling Gore™ valve, color temperature presets from 3,200 K to 10,000 K, built-in automated programs, and five distinct dimming curves. Additionally, the fixtures are cast aluminum with ICE™ design. Integrated Cooling Enhancement, or ICE™, design is a process of amplifying cooling efficiency both in the external esthetics and internal components of the fixture. The end result ensures optimal operating temperature of the LEDs and maximizes the useful lifespan and color consistency of the fixture.The products differ in the number of LEDs, lenses installed and how these lenses are adjusted. Ilumipanel 180 IP has a total of 180 5W, RGBWA LEDs, Dual Vector Array™ and 15- and 30-degree lenses installed. The Dual Vector Array™ system allows you to manually adjust and lock the output direction within in the fixture’s housing to more effectively graze a surface or split the output onto two separate surfaces. Ilumipanel 90 IP consists of a single panel with 90 5W, RGBWA LEDs with 30-degree lenses with an option for 15-degree lenses.


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