Anolis - Euro Shop preview

Feb. 11, 2011
Date Announced: 11 Feb 2011 European LED manufacturer Anolis will show its latest multichip product ranges at the Euro Shop show 2011 - ArcLine 20 & 40MC; ArcLine Optic 20 & 40MC, ArcLine Optic Outdoor 20 & 40MC and the ArcSource 2 and 4 MC.The Anolis ArcLine MC series products combine state of the art lighting technology with a balanced ergonomic design profile, using the best quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to provide solutions for professional lighting requirements.Spectacular smooth colour mixing is ensured using the new generation of Cree multichip LEDs with the best homogeneous colour distribution and precise single point-of-colour emission for enhanced viewing perception. High light output and long lumen maintenance together with customisable colour variants, pixel pitch and length see the Anolis ArcLine MC series redefine standards for any modern lighting specifications.ArcLine Optic Outdoor 20 & 40MCIncorporating the latest research into the design and manufacturing process, the Anolis ArcLine Outdoor Optic brings the reliability and quality of the ArcLine range to the outdoor world. Smooth colour mixing is guaranteed with the latest Cree LED multichips and the best homogeneous colour engines plus precise single-point-of-colour emission. Combined with the high light output and longevity of the LEDs are user-definable colour variants, bringing new qualities and benchmarks for all types of contemporary exterior lighting schemes.ArcLine Optic 20 & 40MCThis precision high quality optical system offers interchangeable lenses ranging from the narrowest to the widest angles - for multiple applications. Superior colour mixing and smooth light dispersion results in excellent uniform colour output. Impressive colour mixing is ensured with the new Cree multichip LEDs.ArcSource 4MCThis fixture is characterised by great performance and seamless colour mixing offering the smoothest homogenised colour output. Advanced cooling and driving technologies have been optimised to give maximum light output. Together with the long life of the LEDs this is a hugely energy efficient architectural unit. ArcSource 24MCThe ArcSource 24MC is an incredibly powerful architectural luminaire with a fabulous smooth colour output due to the Cree LEDs. Exact single-point-of-colour emission and the uniform lens output makes it ideal for the most demanding environments. Advanced cooling and driving technologies result in super high light output. Along with all Anolis range fixtures, low power consumption is a key feature for environmentally conscious applications.

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