Continuous-row lighting system and LED for storage and administrative buildings from Zumtobel

Feb. 4, 2011
Date Announced: 04 Feb 2011 The premises of the Alexander Bürkle Group, an electrical wholesaler, have been expanded. A newly built 2,600 m² warehouse and an adjacent administrative building were fitted with state-of-the-art building services in order to make the most of all available options to ensure environmentally sound as well as economically efficient operation. This also includes the installation of a Zumtobel lighting system in the new storage and office buildings. Thanks to an innovative lighting concept, energy consumption can be reduced while lighting quality is maintained at a consistently high level. The LED-only lighting system installed in the new offices, including a special solution of Zumtobel’s Crayon LED downlight, emphasises the highly innovative approach of the lighting concept, which is also reflected in comparative analyses: “With the newly installed LED system, thereduction in CO2 emitted corresponds to the absorption of 73 trees. With a view to our participation in the ECOFIT programme provided by the city of Freiburg, this was a very important economical aspect for us”, explains Martin Rombach, product manager of Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co.KG.Efficient, flexible and low-maintenance, without any compromise in terms of quality – these were the requirements set by the Freiburgbased electrical wholesaler for constructing the new storage and administrative buildings. “Our goal was to achieve high-quality, low-cost illumination in the warehouse. For the new offices, we focused above all on a balanced room lighting concept in line with the present spirit of the time. This is why we opted for the LEDonly lighting system, whose lighting effect and efficiency seemed to be tailor-made just for us”, adds Martin Rombach.This goes to show that LED solutions are no longer used for purely decorative purposes, but have finally arrived in functional illumination.Thanks to innovative LED technology, the Crayon 12W LED downlight is able to achieve the level of a 50W halogen lamp or an 18W compact fluorescent lamp. This allows to replace, without major effort, conventional downlights with more efficient and more durable LED luminaires. The uniform general lighting provided by Crayon, together with its colour stability and excellent energy efficiency, makes the Zumtobel LED downlight a product of choice, especially in public areas. The architecture of the new administrative building proved to be ideal for utilising the benefits of the LED downlight. The concept and design of the new building, as well as turn-key execution, was provided by Freyler, a specialist in industrial architecture based inKenzingen.The three-storey office building with a total floor space of 1,500 m² adjoins the warehouse above the goods-in area and is covered by a high-quality aluminium façade. The office spaces were implemented without any supporting elements, thus allowing for flexible room use. In line with the modern building structure, Zumtobel developed an equally modern office lighting concept based on a special product solution of the Crayon LED downlight: fitted with 48W, 122 square Crayon LED downlights, in the special size of 625 mm, were mounted flush with the ceiling, which ensures flexibility in the use of rooms. The warm light colour of 4000 K not only creates pleasant and uniform ambient lighting; it also boasts a long service life, provides for colour-stable lighting, is maintenance-free and dimmable. “In terms of efficiency and quality, Zumtobel’s LED downlights are an excellent alternative to conventional downlights. A prime example of how modern office lighting can be implemented with LEDs only”, explains Arno Burgert, electrical consultant in charge.For the purpose of functional and resource saving architecture, numerous skylights have been installed in the warehouse, allowing a maximum of daylight into the room. Artificial lighting is deliberately used only where the level of daylight is insufficient to obtain the required illuminance level. For ambient lighting in the warehouse, the clients opted for Zumtobel’s tried-and-tested Tecton continuous-row lighting system. The modular continuous-row system provides optimum lighting for industrial premises, ensuring an illuminance level of 300 lx in conformity with relevant standards. It can be expanded in a flexible way, and reflectors and emergency luminaires can be added. In addition, Crayon LED downlights with IP 44 protection were installed in the wet areas. The light is precisely directed to where it is needed without any scattering losses, ensuring a well-lit environment with high visual comfort for the staff members.

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