Monocrystal announces shipments of 8-inch sapphire substrates to LED makers

Feb. 18, 2011
Date Announced: 18 Feb 2011 -- Leading Global LED Manufacturers Advance into Land of 8-inch Sapphire Substrate Stavropol, Russia – Monocrystal, a leading manufacturer of electronic materials for LED and solar industries, announced today shipment of its premium 8-inch C-plane epi-ready sapphire substrates to one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers.It was almost a recent discussion of LED industry players and experts concerning the possibilities for the industry of employing larger than 2-inch sapphire substrates for LED production. The discussion revolved mainly around advantages and benefits of switching to 3- vs 4-inch substrates. The use of 6-inch sapphire substrates appeared to be quite a remote prospect and any discussions of the 8-inch substrate opportunity became mostly a theoretical exercise.However, today, the world's leading manufacturers already produce LEDs using 6-inch sapphire substrates and are beginning to approach 8-inch substrates as well.“It took leading LED manufacturers three years after the 6-inch sapphire substrates first became available on the market to launch R&D on their use for LED production. The period was shorter for the 8-inch substrates – Monocrystal was the first to introduce and ship them to a MOCVD system manufacturer in August, 2008, and approximately two years later, we have supplied our premium 8-inch C-plane epi-ready sapphire substrates for the R&D use at the forefront of LED manufacturing. The market dynamics in the LED space indicate a further shift toward the use of the larger diameter substrates, as well as the growing role of the suppliers, capable of meeting the high technology standards of the today's LED market,” said Oleg Kachalov, CEO of Monocrystal.“Monocrystal has been supplying 8-inch sapphire substrates for the R&D on RFIC applications for the last two years, and we have gained considerable experience in large diameter sapphire substrates production. We are glad to be able now to support also our LED customers in making a technological breakthrough which will help bring forth the widespread use of the LED lighting,” added Mikhail Berest, VP Sales & Marketing of Monocrystal.About MonocrystalMonocrystal is a leading supplier of sapphire products for LED and metallization pastes for solar industry. The company’s product portfolio includes large diameter sapphire substrates for LED and RFIC applications and screen printing pastes for silicon wafer based solar cells, including lead-free pastes. The company exports more than 95% percent of its products to more than 25 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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