B&W Tek, Inc. announces improved Quest series miniature fiber optic spectrometers

Feb. 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Feb 2011 Newark, DE - B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems announces the updated Quest™ series of miniature fiber optic spectrometers. The Quest™ series of high performance miniature fiber optic spectrometers now features an ultralow thermal drift spectrum of ~19 counts/C typical and a faster readout speed of >2.0MHz. As an added bonus, the Quest™ series is now available with optional RS232 communication interface for convenient integration into larger systems. “The fast read out speed of the new Quest™ series spectrometers makes them ideal for high speed applications such as LED binning and sorting,” says Robert Chimenti, Marketing Manager for B&W Tek, Inc. “We feel that this will strengthen our position as a leader in the LED characterization market.” The Quest™ series employs both a traditional crossed Czerny Turner spectrograph (Quest™ X) as well as an unfolded Czerny Turner spectrograph (Quest™ U) which minimizes stray light in the UV region. The series is equipped with 2048 elements linear CCD array, built-in 16-bit digitizer, and an externally synchronized trigger.For more information on the Quest™ series, please visit http://www.bwtek.com/product/spectrometer/.About B&W Tek, Inc.B&W Tek, Inc. is an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems for biomedical, physical, chemical, and research communities. With a strong vertical integration capability, B&W Tek, Inc. also provides custom product development, design, and manufacturing. With emphasis on low cost, high performance lasers and spectrometers, we strive for versatility - innovating solutions. Our ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified facility and patented technologies ensure high quality products, consistently proven and growing every day. As a result, B&W Tek, Inc. leads worldwide sales of Raman spectrometers.

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