OLED microdisplay and OLED on CMOS feedback demonstration system from Fraunhofer IPMS

Feb. 22, 2011
Date Announced: 22 Feb 2011 The Fraunhofer IPMS works on the integration of sensors and microdisplays on CMOS backplane for several years now. For example the researchers developed bidirectional microdisplays that could be used in systems for optical acquisition and display of information.The chips contain both an active OLED matrix with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a therein integrated photodetector (160 x120 pixels). The combination of both matrices in one chip is an essential possibility for system integrators to design smaller devices that make use of both functionalities.Judith Baumgarten, PhD student at Fraunhofer IPMS and participant of the development team, declares: “This innovative technology leads to additional fields of application, e.g. reflection of objects that are in front of the chip or as a microscanner device. It’s a microdisplay that also implements camera functionality.”The OLEDs have different purposes within these applications: within the scanner application they are only used for illumination of the detected objects whereas they display the object in the other application. Additional optics or filters can be used to define the plane of focus or wavelength sensitivity. Therefore much more sensoric applications are thinkable.On the SSI 2011 a demonstrator of the reflective device will be presented for the first time, that has the following technical specifications:•display matrix: 320 x 240 pixel, monochrome, 0.6”diagonal•camera matrix: 160 x 120 pixel, monochrome•OLED colors: red, orange, blue, green, white•brightness: > 15,000 cd/m²•voltage level: 3.3 VDisplays with higher resolutions (VGA and above) and smaller chip sizes (0.5” diagonal) are under development.

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