Infineon releases ILD4035 switch-mode LED driver for 1W LEDs for general lighting applications

Feb. 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Feb 2011 Infineon Technologies introduces the ILD4035, the first member of the new ILD4xxx family of switch-mode LED drivers for general lighting applications.The ILD4035 is a hysteretic step down LED Driver IC for general lighting applications. The internal switch is capable of driving a series of 1W LEDs with a 350mA typical output current. The ILD4035 offers a wide input voltage range (4.5V - 42V) and an adjustable output current via an external current sense resistor. With a multifunctional control pin, the IC can be switched on and off by an external signal that regulates the brightness of the LEDs by PWM or DC voltage dimming as well.The voltage ripple can be set depending on the value of the switching inductor. The precise internal bandgap stabilizes the circuit and provides stable LED current over the operating temperature range. Furthermore, overvoltage and short circuit protection as well as the integrated reversible temperature shutdown mechanism help to protect the LED system.Key features of the ILD4035:* Wide 4.5V to 42V input voltage range* Internal switch for driving 1W LEDs at 350mA* Over temperature protection* Overcurrent and overvoltage protection* Flexible dimming: PWM or analog voltage (DC)* Small SC-74 package: 2.5mm x 2mm x 1mmTarget applications of the ILD4035:* LED driver for general lighting applications* Indoor illumination, residential lighting* Outdoor illumination, street lighting* Office lighting, downlights* Architectural lightingThe ILD44035 datasheet is available on the Infineon LED driver webpage: Additionally there are Application Notes available for driving 1W LEDs with the ILD4035.Customers can now find the ILD4035 also in the Infineon LED Driver Selection tool, which can be accessed on the official Infineon webpage or via direct link: is available now starting at $0.50 each for 3,000 piece quantity on Digi-Key or through the Infineon Distribution partners and Sales offices:

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