Macroblock presents high-efficiency 60V, 1A DC/DC buck converter- MBI6661 for LED street light, wall washer and tunnel light

Feb. 17, 2011
Date Announced: 17 Feb 2011 Hsinchu, Taiwan - Macroblock introduces a high efficiency 60V, 1A DC/DC buck converter-MBI6661 for LED street light, wall washer and tunnel light applications. MBI6661 accepts wide input voltage range from 9V to 60V and provides up to 97% efficiency. The maximum externally adjustable output current is 1A with ±5% current accuracy. MBI6661 integrates the power switch and is able to drive an array of 10~14 pieces of 1W LEDs by a 52V DC power supply. With hysteretic PFM control scheme, MBI6661 requires no external compensation with better efficiency at light loading. MBI6661 allows compact and cost effective LED lighting solutions with only 4 external components. LED dimming can also be implemented via pulse width modulation (PWM).MBI6661 is also designed with full protections including start-up function, the under voltage lock out (UVLO), over temperature protection (OTP), over current protection (OCP), LED open-circuit and short-circuit protections for a robust system design. In addition, the built-in thermal protection and thermal-enhanced packages ensure better system reliability. MBI6661 is available in TO-252 and SOP-8 packages.In addition to MBI6661, Macroblock also launches 60V, 500mA DC/DC buck converter-MBI6660 to adapt to various LED lighting applications. Targeting the outdoor LED lighting applications, the high efficiency of MBI6661 and MBI6660 reduces power consumption, and the high current accuracy provides uniform illumination. Therefore, MBI6661 and MBI6660 are especially suitable for LED street light, wall washer and tunnel light applications. Samples and reference designs are now available. For more information, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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