LED bulb measurement tool set by J&C

Feb. 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Feb 2011 LED, as a replacement of the traditional light bulb for energy saving reason, the optical and electrical properties need to be fully understood while designing the application of that LED. However, LED differs from the traditional light bulb by strong directional beam distribution, such that an additional testing standard, CIE 127 A and B, is specially designed. To cover the traditional light bulb measurement method with the LED testing standard, LMS-120 combined with MCD-100, both by JNC Tech, is the right tool set for the LED characterization.LMS-120 consists of a 12" integrating sphere, spectrometer, power supply and operating software. This system confirms to the recommendations of CIE publication 84, and provides optical properties including spectrum, chromaticity (CIE xy, uv), luminance flux, correlated color temperature (CCT), peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, etc. MCD-100 is used for the measurement following the CIE 127 B. A special designed handle can insert the sample into LMS and MCD easily without remounting the sample. JNC Tech is not only a total optical solution provider, but also values every design detail to provide the fluent operation of the system, e.g. the handle designed for LMS-120 and MCD-100. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

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