Swiss jewelry store fitted with advanced LED lighting system by Zumtobel

Feb. 17, 2011
Date Announced: 17 Feb 2011 A vast variety of jewellery items are on display in the 120 square metre jewellery store of Meister Juwelier on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. Explains Adrian Meister, owner of the store: "We sought a contemporary lighting solution for our display windows that should properly highlight our exclusive pieces of jewellery, gemstones and watches, and would entice customers into our store." In collaboration with the client, Zumtobel has met these requirements by implementing a balanced lighting solution for the display windows. In the process, more than 60 Arcos spotlights and 3-phase LED units of the Supersystem lighting systems have been installed. The hybrid solution providing both accent and general lighting turns the display windows into a perfect stage for presentation, a special flagship of the master jeweller’s exclusive brand image.Especially important for lighting the precious products are high illuminance and good colour rendition, the latter rendering the colours of gemstones, pearls and metals in an entirely natural manner, without distorting them. A great deal of sensitivity is also required to illuminate the precious jewellery items so as to selectively attract customers’ attention. An advance presentationat the client’s premises showed that a sophisticated mix of warm and intermediate light colour is needed to properly illuminate gemstones and diamonds and highlight their value.The designers and clients therefore opted for the Arcos spotlight system, which provides a perfect solution for the shop situation on account of its wide range of optics and accessories available. The warm light colour (3000 K) of the Arcos spotlight in particular creates an exciting atmosphere in the display windows, inviting customers to enter the store. Arcos meets all formal requirements as well: fitted with a 35 W light source, the HIT spotlight cannot fail to impress on account of its high lighting quality of Ra > 90. Its compact dimensions and linear design are in perfect harmony with the contemporary interior design of the retail space, discreetly blending into it. Seen from outside, the source of light remains almost completely concealed, making the illuminated exhibits appear all the more attractive.In order to highlight the quality of their exclusive display windows even more, those responsible also used the Supersystem LED lighting system with a colour temperature of 4000 K. The intermediate light colour used makes the exclusive goods literally sparkle in the eyes ofthe beholder: thanks to the luminaires’ excellent colour rendition properties and high lighting quality, the jewellery items are brilliantly set centre stage in true colours. A perfect ambience, as is also confirmed by Adrian Meister: "Thanks to Zumtobel’s professional advice as well as sampling and product selection, we have eventually found the perfect solution. Many of our customers are excited about the new flair of our display windows."All Zumtobel luminaires have been consistently installed on 3-phase tracks, which creates a very uniform and uncluttered look. In order to also focus the light perfectly onto the products, the Arcos spotlights have been fitted with two different reflectors. Narrow-beam radiation angles direct the light onto the display windowsselectively, at varying intensities, whereas Arcos wallwashers installed on the display windows’ rear walls provide balanced lighting at 4000 lx.

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