GLS Lighting converts standard lighting systems to LED lighting

Feb. 7, 2011
Date Announced: 07 Feb 2011 Today’s economy has businesses looking for more energy-efficient ways to light their facilities — a need Larry Woodson is fulfilling through his company, GLS, which specializes in products to convert standard lighting systems to LED lighting.GLS began life in 2007 but spent its first 18 months focusing on the development of LED conversion technologies. This extensive research and development period came to full fruition over the past year, with the fledgling company bringing 30 new LED conversion products to market. GLS has already developed a distinguished client list including AT&T, DRS, Conoco Philips, Cytec and Old Second Bank, shipping as much as $200,000 in product over a two-week period.Woodson, who received his BS in Electrical Engineering in southern India and his MS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M, got his first funding through a team of New York businessmen. “Our investors introduced us to customers who wanted to convert pharmacy fluorescent lighting to LED lighting,” says Woodson. The company responded by developing a modular design for LED strips and power supplies that allowed for easy installation by the customer.Woodson notes that stabilizing cash flow and bringing in qualified personnel proved challenging at first: “Some of us worked full-time while others held onto their jobs at Texas Instruments during the technology development phase. Fortunately, we also found a couple of young college graduates willing to work for a smaller income plus equity. But without full-time sales staff, selling products was a challenge. Product certification also eats up a lot of time.”Now that GLS is lighting up the corporate sector, Woodson is happy to share his insights with other entrepreneurs. “Develop your plan and start engaging customers as quickly as possible,” he says. “Modify your plan to enable rapid growth on a minimum of time and money.”

Jerod Green

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