Energy-efficient neighborhoods of cities in Russia

Feb. 16, 2011
Date Announced: 16 Feb 2011 The main function of outdoor lighting - providing the orientation of people in space, the arts and artistic design of open areas and facades. In addition, the coverage area is used for security purposes (security lighting) to ensure traffic (lighting driveway and parking), as well as to highlight areas of evening recreation. This is the so-called functional lighting.In the twentieth century the development of urban lighting has gone leaps and bounds - to replace incandescent lamps come discharge lamps, along with the purely utilitarian lighting there were such thing as a "decorative lighting", "Architectural lighting of buildings". And with the invention, photodiodes and LED lighting system is controlled and dynamic.Due to the development of new technologies and modern lighting cities combines functionality, aesthetics and energy conservation. Today, the concept of forming a light and making the electrical installation, the company - the contractors are trying to first solve the problem, which is in front of them put the customers.For some important light areas (streets, roads, grounds), while for others it is important to emphasize architectural features (architectural lighting, outdoor lighting of buildings), and for some important light drawing as a design element (landscape, park, garden lighting). Based on this selected equipment. For example, when lighting the yard area typically use street lights, decorative garden lighting often used in lighting in gardens, parks and gardens.Environmental responsibility and energy efficiency - the philosophy of the Company's "FOCUS", which she successfully brings to life.The company "FOCUS" organized in 2004 in Science City Fryazino Moscow region. Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of electronics in military enterprises. The company began its activities with the development and manufacture of electronics for the special lighting on the orders of other companies - manufacturers. Parallel studies were conducted and tested in the field of optoelectronics, including the direction of energy-efficient LED lighting.For many years, together with our partners, we analyzed the market of manufacturers of power LEDs in Russia and abroad, the results of tests that determined the main producers of high-quality LEDs, a Japanese company NICHIA and German OSRAM, which have signed long-term partnerships.Today the company is "FOCUS" mass-produced street LED lamps series of USS, USS Magistral with different types of fixtures and diagrams, lighting for indoor series SPO fixtures for housing and utilities, network LED spotlights white and colored glow of a series of PS, pulse chargers . These products operate on the various sites, confirmed the superiority and the prospects of LED technology.The company has a lot of innovation, patents, and implemented projects in energy efficiency and conservation ecology."FOCUS" is positioning itself as a manufacturer of high quality products. Manufactured products meet the most stringent requirements for reliability, are 100% final inspection.Our mission - to maximize the link innovative technologies to the market and promising market opportunity with a client.We appreciate the honest relationship and we value our reputation as a reliable partner.

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