Brandenburg Gmbh and Beacon Concepts LLC announce GPUtrace

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Windham, NH – Beacon Concepts and Brandenburg announce the World’s First Lighting Simulation on a Graphics Card-GPUtrace.

In recent years LucidShape has improved its speed for optical simulation step by step using modern algorithms, multithreading, tessellation, distributed computing, etc. Now we are taking it to the next level: GPUtrace! Modern graphics cards have extra computing power that can be used to speed up the simulation. This is a quantum leap in speed!

The heart of every computer is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). All actions of the computer are handled by this little chip. The faster the CPU, the faster the programs will run.

Every modern graphics card has a GPU on board that has currently up to 512 small processors which are optimized to do geo-metrical calculations. The new GPUtrace uses those processors to perform the calculations needed for the simulation.

LucidShape is the first optical simulation software that takes advantage of this cutting edge technology. The speed increase is significant (30 times faster). Future improvements on graphic
cards are promising a greater increase of performance during the next years.

Every LucidShape model can be traced with this new technology without any further modifications.

About Brandenburg GmbH
Brandenburg GmbH is a privately held company based in Paderborn, Germany and was founded in 1997. Brandenburg GmbH has been an industry pioneer in the automotive system design and analysis field and has now branched into the general lighting marketplace. For more information or to download LucidShape visit the company website at

About Beacon Concepts LLC
Beacon Concepts is a new company that has recently been established by Barbara Calt for the exclusive distribution of the LucidShape Family of products in the Americas. Ms. Calt has been working with the LucidShape products for over 8 years in the automotive and general lighting marketplaces. Ms. Calt is now looking forward to the promotion of the LucidShape products in all illumination markets. For more information visit the company Website at

Barbara Calt Beacon Concepts, LLC 603-490-7513

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