EEMA Lighting Group announces launch of Coloronix division

May 3, 2011
Date Announced: 03 May 2011 EEMA Lighting Group has announced the launch of their new division for the color-changing application, Coloronix. The innovative brand will include a collection of indoor and outdoor color-changing architectural fixtures as well as OEM components for the manufacturing segments. The brand aims to combine patented entertainment lighting technology with architecturally pleasing fixture designs.Each series includes state-of-the-art technology such as InternaMix, which provides a smooth 1-color light output. RGBW L.E.D. color packages allow for a true white output not previously found in traditional RGB fixtures. In addition, the DMX Direct function offers easy control of each unit with a unique 4-channel DMX address. Simplified installation is available with the 120V line voltage direct input with no need to install additional power supplies or calculate voltage drops.Eman Zadeh, Brand Director for Coloronix said, “Until now, color changing designs were very difficult to operate and its applications were limited inside architectural environments. With Coloronix, we are pleased to overcome these limitations and provide fixtures that architects and designers are used to, but with the twist of highly controllable color.”EEMA Lighting Group’s team of engineers and designers have contributed 25 years of experience and expertise in the traditional architectural lighting industry towards Coloronix. The product line will include downlights in 3” and 6” variations with round and square openings and the 4”x9” recessed wall wash. Coloronix also provides specialty accent lighting with color change pathway lights for steps and corridors as well as glass pendants to be used in retail settings.

Ellis Doostan - Office Manager Coloronix - Colorful Architectural Illumination (323) 677-4242

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