Megatex makes solar power systems space-efficient by stylish column

May 3, 2011
Date Announced: 03 May 2011 Megatex, the company, which earlier this year announced the development of its SOLLED system - a LED screen with an integrated off-grid solar power system, now improved it by reducing the territory covered by the solar panels.Next to solar panels, a solar power system consists of invertors, controllers, accumulators and generators for extreme weather conditions with no sunlight. To stay true to its approach to always provide designer products, the research and development team of Megatex now found a way to “hide” all these additional parts of the solar power system in a stylish column–service room, which, from the inside, looks like a large library.Instead of putting invertors, controllers, accumulators and generators on the ground, Megatex ranged them one over the other, in layers, so in the end it looks like a nicely arranged library.This way, the only visible parts of the system are the shiny solar modules, the column and the colourful LED wall – a beautiful combination of a glossy field and colours.Space efficiency complements the energy efficiency of the SOLLED system – the electricity consumed by the LED screen will pay back 7 years after its installation. In addition, the ROI (return of investment) can be followed on a small table-calculator, which the R&D team managed to fit on solely one page and make it useful to specialists as well as to anybody eager to use the SOLLED system.Megatex sells its products on four continents – Europe, America, Africa and Asia and is famous as a company, which knows how to never go out of fashion and which constantly updates its products. The improvement of its recent SOLLED development shortly after its introduction once again proves this quality of the company and its team.ABOUTMegatex is a Bulgarian producer of unique LED and LCD products including LED screens, LED walls, LED dynamic message displays, digital transport systems, sport information systems, digital clocks and thermometres, exchange rate boards and LCD kiosks.

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