Lighting Association and Lighting Industry Federation consult on closer cooperation

Date Announced: 23 May 2011

Two UK-based lighting industry bodies are consulting with their members about closer cooperation and a possible merger.

LA and LIF say that their respective operations are largely complementary, with limited duplication and very little overlap in membership.

Also, the two organizations have a recent history of cooperation on areas of common interest, such as legislation and standardisation.

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The Lighting Association (LA) and The Lighting industry Federation (LIF) are consulting with their respective Members about closer cooperation with each other up to and including merging their operations and assets.

The lighting market is in a period of dynamic change, which presents challenges and opportunities to the industry. This change is being driven partly by new technology such as LEDs and in the future OLEDs, partly through the drive for energy efficiency e.g. the growing influence of lighting controls and partly through developments such as wider use of the internet.

The Councils of the two Associations believe that these changes will be more effectively managed by the industry through one Association speaking with one voice. The objective is to increase the benefits and services to the members of both current Associations and, in the process, to the lighting market as a whole.

The operations of LIF and LA are largely complementary, with limited duplication and very little overlap in membership. In fact in recent years the two Associations have increasingly co-operated on areas of common interest such as legislation and standardisation.

The consultation process is expected to take several months in order to ensure that Members views are sought and taken into account.

The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF)

The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF) in its current form was established in 1969 but its origins go back to 1905. It is the Trade Association for the Lighting Industry with particular focus on non-decorative lighting.

LIF’s primary purpose is to promote and develop the UK lighting market for the long-term benefit of its members and other stakeholders and to represent the voice of the Industry in discussions with Government, NGO’s, the EU Commission and Standardisation bodies on issues of relevant legislation and standardisation.

LIF provides technical and commercial l support services to its members and organises discussion groups on industry issues, which ensure the views of Members are heard and influence the development of the LIF industry positions. LIF is also a major provider of recognised and respected lighting training courses for professionals in the lighting industry.

LIF works closely with all other industry and professional bodies in the Lighting and related industries and is based in central London, close to the offices of all relevant Government Departments.

The Lighting Association (LA)

Founded in 1939 the association was originally formed to represent a group of London based manufacturers of decorative lighting. The Association grew after the war and in the 1980’s began to attract members from all sectors of the lighting industry. Today the membership totals around 190 companies with 40% from the decorative sector and the remaining membership made up from commercial luminaires, lamps and components and increasingly LED related businesses.

The LA carries out a wide variety of functions on behalf of its members including training; technical representation at international and UK levels, lobbying and liaison with Government departments in the UK and via its involvement with CELMA the Brussels based Association of European Associations on standards and legislation. The LA Code of Practice which is a condition of membership for companies not registered to ISO 9000, is a comprehensive and widely respected tool to enable members to support their claim to CE mark their product and includes an annual review of QC systems, test procedures and documentation.

The LA owns the Lighting Association Laboratory, a fully accredited test laboratory dedicated entirely to the testing of light sources and luminaires for which members enjoy beneficial rates. The LA is based at its purpose built offices in Telford with a staff of approximately 20 including the Laboratory.

Eddie Taylor Chief Executive, Lighting Industry Federation 0207 793 3020 Peter Hunt Chief Executive, Lighting Association 01952 290905


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