GreenWave Reality announces partnership with NXP Semiconductors to deliver breakthrough, connected lighting solution

May 20, 2011
Date Announced: 20 May 2011 Irvine, CA and Copenhagen, Denmark and Singapore - GreenWave Reality, an innovator in home energy management and automation systems, today announced that it has partnered with NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) to provide a breakthrough, intelligent lighting control and management solution that can be utilized by manufacturers of energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) and solid state (SSL) lighting. This connected lighting platform, combined with NXP's GreenChip(TM) smart lighting solution, enables consumers and commercial customers to simplify their lives and conserve energy by way of automated lighting controls. This extends the GreenWave Reality energy management platform that communicates with smart meters to gather total usage of electricity and gas, and also allows for control of consumer electronics, appliances, electric vehicles, heating and cooling within the home.GreenWave Reality's scalable, IP-based platform wirelessly connects NXP GreenChip-enabled light bulbs, running JenNet-IP software, to provide users with a feature-rich lighting experience. Users can dim or turn lights on and off using Home, Away, and Night Smart Controls from any combination of devices such as a PC, smartphone, and even a TV. The GreenWave Reality solution further simplifies consumers' lives by extending the lighting Smart Controls to work with light or motion sensors without requiring any re-wiring of the home. For example, a Smart Control can adjust indoor lighting according to outdoor lighting conditions. Other Smart Controls can automatically turn lights off when no one is in a room. Similarly, these advancements are extended to commercial and hospitality customers who can reduce on-going lighting and related maintenance costs with this advanced lighting control system. The application can be used stand-alone or as part of the GreenWave Reality energy management solution."Now consumers and commercial customers can easily and cost effectively reduce their energy consumption associated with lighting, saving them money, simplifying their lives, and making a positive impact on the environment," said Greg Memo, CEO, GreenWave Reality. "GreenWave Reality -- in conjunction with NXP GreenChip technology -- redefines lighting by providing an advanced control and management solution built on an IP-based platform. This connected lighting application adds another key component to our end-to-end energy management solution delivering additional value for our customers."Scalable, Secure IP-based PlatformThe GreenWave Reality end-to-end solution is built on highly-scalable, secure IP-based network platform that consists of a home area network (HAN) which connects to a smart meter or meter reading device integrated with a rich set of cloud-based services for consumers and utilities. At the heart of the solution is the concurrent radio Gateway that supports Z-Wave®, ZigBee® and now 6LoWPAN to create a mesh-based HAN. The HAN supports smart PowerNodes(TM), lighting, and in-home displays making their homes smart, energy conscious, and controllable. The intuitive and engaging consumer application can be accessed within the home or remotely via the Internet or a smartphone. The GreenWave Reality platform also supports the control of high-load devices such HVAC systems, heat pumps, water heaters, and electric vehicles enabling real-time, demand response applications for utilities.GreenChip Smart Lighting SolutionThe GreenWave intelligent lighting platform supports NXP's GreenChip smart lighting solution running JenNet-IP, the industry's most advanced IPv6-based 6LoWPAN stack. JenNet-IP provides a robust self-healing network that is proven to work with hundreds of nodes. These advancements in lighting from NXP and GreenWave Reality create innovative new business models and revenue opportunities for partners and other lighting manufacturers."The GreenChip Smart Lighting solution signals a fundamental shift in the way we interact with lights -- at home, in the office, even outdoors," said John Croteau, senior vice president and general manager, power lighting solutions and high performance RF, NXP Semiconductors. "By partnering with GreenWave Reality, we are providing a breakthrough, connected lighting application that combines wireless IP connectivity with our energy-efficient lighting technology in a compact, low-cost solution."Additionally, TCP, a leading manufacturer of CFL and LED lamps in North America, has been an early adopter of smart lighting technology and formed a partnership with GreenWave Reality and NXP for an intelligent lighting solution for both its connected CFL and LED lamps.Beginning tomorrow at LIGHTFAIR International, GreenWave Reality and its partners NXP, TCP and Bridgelux will be showcasing a consumer-ready, Internet-enabled smart lighting solution powered by the GreenWave Reality platform in the NXP booth (2823), TCP booth (2659) and Bridgelux booth (3311).For more information on the GreenWave Reality lighting solution, connected bulbs or home energy management solution contact us at [email protected] or visit us at GreenWave RealityGreenWave Reality is a global innovator in the emerging Home Energy Management market. The company provides an affordable, easy-to-use, standards-based platform that allows utilities to enhance their relationship with consumers and better balance energy on the grid while consumers can conserve energy with minimal impact to their lifestyle by easily monitoring and controlling their appliances, lighting, and high-load devices. GreenWave Reality is a member of the IPSO, ZigBee and Z-Wave alliances. The company was awarded the Danish Green IT Innovation Award in 2010. GreenWave Reality's funding is led by Craton Equity Partners with additional support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). GreenWave Reality has offices worldwide including Irvine, Copenhagen, and Singapore.

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