Color Vision introduces 120W High Bay LED fixture

May 16, 2011
Date Announced: 16 May 2011 Aims to replace 400W HQI / Mercury Lamp fixture to achieve at least 70% energy savings, Color Vision 120W LED High Bay fixture is specifically designed to light up working sites in the range of 8~12 meter from high sky area.Equipped with unique reflector, Color Vision 120W High Bay fixture is delivering uniform light distribution on the working level surface, giving average 210 lux within a diameter of 6.1 meter illumination circle at the height of 10 meter.-Chimney Effect- How we tackle heat issue ? High thermal conductivity materials utilized in the package manufacturing is just one of many crucial methods. We also create a fixture with " chimney effect " that performs dual dissipation paths. Efficient dissipation capability will be reinforced both via air flow and housing itself.-Exclusive Coating Material-Exclusive coating substance has also been applied to our High Bay housing, triggering physical effects to speed up heat dissipation process . More than 5 degrees below carried out compared to normal coating material.IES File Lux Distribution ( Height : 12 M)●Color Vision 120W High-Bay LEDMinimal luminance = Emin 97 luxMaximum luminance = Emax 151 lux ●250W HQI FixtureMinimal luminance = Emin 31,8 luxMaximum luminance = Emax 82,6 lux ●400W HQI FixtureMinimal luminance = Emin 76 luxMaximum luminance = Emax 113 lux Color Vision, founded in 2005, is a professional supplier of solid-state lighting solutions. We specialize in manufacturing high-watt LED lighting products which require superior heat-management capability. We treat our products’ durability and lifetime as our top priority in order to ensure our customers’ long-term satisfaction. With several years’ experiences in manufacturing, we provide the highest quality products, and customize the products for our customers. Our strength is the professional know-how of Multi-Chip LED packaging technical, unique construct designed, excellent optical design, and efficient heat-dissipation system.

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